Colour Poppin’ | Beauty

I’m a lipstick hoarder. Plain and simple. Give me any colour, any brand, any type and I’ll take it with pleasure. From mattes to sheens to satins to glossy to lustrous, and basically anything in between, I have them all (my friends and family will easily testify to that). Recently however, my favourite type has been liquid lipsticks. Probably the best thing about liquid lipsticks to me, is their ability to stay on for hours. I’ve had the privilege of trying out the Colour Pop ultra matte lipsticks. These are not sold in stores in South Africa, but can be purchased online (I bought mines from Muse SA whose details will be listed below). Colour Pop ultra matte lipsticks have become my best lipstick friend, and I find myself reaching for them more often than not. They dry super matte, last for hours on end and the colour selection is great! The colour can easily be built on and the selection to choose from is amazing! Below are a few of my favourite shades swatched! Find Muse SA on

Pictured Above: More Better [A deep violet wine toned shade].

Pictured Above: Creeper [The classic red toned shade].

Pictured Above: StingRAYE [A cool toned mauve brown].

Pictured Above: Tulle [A stunning dusty mauve burgundy].

Pictured Above: Beeper [A warm taupe].

P.S. This post was not sponsored. Also, colours may apply differently to what is shown above.


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