Pizza Anyone? | Lifestyle

I believe that the only people you need in life are people who can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. I believe that pizza is 73% delicious and 27% more delicious. I believe that it’s okay to eat an entire pizza by yourself. Clearly, I love pizza.

And while I’d never turn down a bought pizza, I believe that there is some kind of sacredness in making one yourself. If you’ve ever taken the time to make a pizza, you’d understand the feeling of pure joy you get when you take that first bite. So today, I’d like to share two of my favourite homemade pizza recipes for anyone who loves it half as much as I do! They’re so simple, your 8 year old brother can make them! Enjoy!

Plain Old Margherita

Did I really type “Plain Old Margherita”? What I meant to type was “Delectable, Delicious and Divine Margherita”. No matter how simple, this is one you just can’t run from!


Basic dough for your pizza base

Inna Parmans tomato and basil pasta sauce

Three of your favourite cheeses (I use gouda, mozzarella and tussers)


Simply roll out your dough in your desired shape (be as creative as you like). Spread over the sauce and toss on some cheese. The more cheese you add, the better the taste. Bake in a preheated oven (180°C is fine). Eat as if no one’s watching.


The name pretty much says it all, no?


Basic dough for your pizza base

Inna Parmans tomato and basil pasta sauce

Different Cheeses





Diced chicken cubes


Fine red chillies

Nando’s medium Peri-Peri sauce


Roll out your dough and spread over the sauce. Cook the diced chicken in salt, red chillies and Nando’s sauce (you don’t need any measurements, just toss in what you think works for you). Slice up your veggies- this doesn’t need to be neat and you can add any other veggies you like. All that’s left to do is layer! First the chicken, then the veggies and lastly the cheese. Bake at 180 and enjoy a slice of heaven!


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