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This week, I was super fortunate to receive some stunning gifts from (w)raphsody and Jilbaab (Find them on Instagram @its_a_wraph and @jilbaab). Two stunning scarves, an under cap and a gorgeous long jacket-throw left me smiling.

I’ve decided to review and style these for you. Just a little warning, I have only good things to say so you might end up purchasing a few yourself!

 The first scarf I received was a staple black cotton piece. I’m someone who wears black very often and so this was very appreciated. I absolutely loved how this draped! I also loved the fact that it stayed on all day, without moving around and slipping (we all know what a nuisance that can be!).

I tried this scarf out in multiple different styles, just to see how well it would sit and I was very impressed!

The second scarf I received was an adorable red mesh and cotton scarf. I love love love the colour- it’s so bold and bright. Pictures really don’t do it justice. Just like with the other, this draped gorgeously and didn’t budge at all.

What I love about these scarves is that they are so versatile- they can be used in so many different styles. For those of you who don’t wear headscarves, they can be used as neck scarves! They are also super affordable (See Instagram for more details). The colour range is quite good- the scarves come in multiple colours, both neutral and bright, so they’ll fit any wardrobe. There are also different styles of scarves available- from lace scarves to the newest Alwani collections.

Jilbaab was kind enough to let me style one of their to-die-for pieces. It’s a simple black and grey long-length throw, perfect for any occasion. It can be kept simple -paired with just black- or it can be dressed up with different colours and accessories.

The fabric is light and flowy which is perfect. Long sleeves mean you can wear something short underneath in summer to stay cool or something long underneath in winter to stay warm.

Jilbaab has a gorgeous selection of abayas and throws to choose from at really affordable prices. The fabric is absolutely amazing and soft, something I always look for. The pattern is Islamic while still being modern and edgy.

All in all, receiving these products were the highlight of my week. I absolutely love getting new scarves and adding them to my already huge collection, and when it’s quality as good as these, I know I’ll be fully satisfied.

To find out more about these amazing brands, check them out on Instagram.

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