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I own hundreds of makeup brushes, it’s obvious that I’m a huge fan. But if there’s one thing I love more, it’s a good face sponge. Almost always, I apply foundation and liquid products with a beauty sponge. I feel like the application is a lot smoother than that of a brush. Sponges, in my opinion, tend to leave no streak marks and give an airbrushed appearance, which is exactly what I love. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite beauty sponges and where you can get them.

1- The trusted Beauty Blender: The first time I felt a beauty blender was like heaven for me. So soft and luxurious, it’s really any makeup lovers dream! The original beauty blender company makes multiple different beauty blenders- the original pink, the professional black, the new nude, the mini green and so many more. It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. These can be purchased from many stores in South Africa- I personally know that Muse SA (Instagram @Muse.Sa) and 27 Pinkx (@27Pinkx) do stock them. Feel free to check them out on Instagram.

2-The SwiitchBeauty Pods: I first seen this product on the SwiitchBeauty Instagram page and I instantly wanted it. Not only is it super affordable, it’s soft and adorable too! Swiitch currently has the cutest under-eye pods, perfect for blending out smaller areas of the face, like the under eyes. Check out @Swiitchbeauty on Instagram if you’re interested!

3- UBU Face Sponge: This was one of the first makeup sponges I purchased, and I loved it so much, I just had to restock on it! To this day, I use my UBU sponges, especially for applying foundation. It’s unique shape allows you to cover the entire face and the colour selection is adorable. I purchased mines from Clicks.

4- General Sponges: If you are just starting out with sponges and don’t want to spend crazy amounts of money of expensive sponges, Dischem and Clicks both have a huge range of affordable sponges. They might not be the same quality as a more expensive sponge, but they will do the job until you’re ready to commit to your first well known brand’s sponge.

Overall, I recommend sponges to everyone. It’s something that permanently stays in my makeup kit and is something I cannot apply makeup without. The finish it gives is amazing. Just like with any other product, the more reputable the company, the better the quality is prone to be. I’d suggest checking out the ingredients of sponges, just to make sure there aren’t any harmful chemicals or products used to make them. Also, I would suggest saving money to get something that you know is not going to damage your skin rather than just purchasing the first sponge you see. Usually stores like Clicks and Dischem, and online stores like Muse SA, 27 Pinkx and SwiitchBeauty provide the best option.




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