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I’ve been working on a super exciting secret project lately and it’s finally ready to be shared. Introducing: Blooming Buds!


 About our gifting:

Blooming Buds offers a wide variety of gifting options suited to both adults and kiddies.

At the moment, artificial flowering is taking over Our world and we want you to experience why. We’ve personally worked on all gifts to make sure you’re getting something great packed with love.

All our pieces are one-of-a-kind and we only have one of each gift, just because we want yours to stand out. However, you’ll have to order extra early to avoid being disappointed and missing out.

All our gifts are re-usable and are definitely NOT going to land up forgotten. Our trays and boxes can be used for years. The quality is the great, and they look amazingly on trend. What’s not to love?

Our kiddies range is super cute too. The sweet-in-a-bulb gift is one of our favourites and for a very good reason! You’ll definitely be a kid-magnet with this!

 More about our kids range:

At the moment, we’re pretty much obsessed with sweet-in-a-bulb gifts!

Besides being super adorable and deliciously yummy, these make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

They come in two different bulb sizes and are made with kid-friendly re-usable plastic (yay to no mess and no damaged or broken bulbs).

They are personally filled and packaged by Blooming Buds so you know you’re getting a whole lot of love along with some great tasting goodies.

You can hand-pick your filling- we have six fun and colourful choices to get everyone excited.

These can also be customised to suit your own genius gifting ideas.

To all our Muslim Customers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that all candies are 100% Halaal.

And to top it all off, they’re insanely affordable!

The only negative – we have super limited stock.

 Getting your stock:

At Blooming Buds, quality is everything. To prevent damage to our (very fragile) goodies, we unfortunately only offer pick-up points for all our gifting options. We do however have multiple different pick-up points for your convenience.

 Feel the love:

Every single gift at Blooming Buds is made personally with a whole lot of love. You can be rest assured you’ll be getting only the best!

 Contact Us:

You can find Blooming Buds on Instagram @BloomingBuds1

You can also message us at 072 793 6482 and 079 268 7073


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