Cleaning made simple | Beauty

Cleaning makeup brushes and sponges seems like such an effort. More often than not, we spend hours making sure all our brushes look as clean as when we first got them. But, thanks a few new tips and methods I’ve learnt, brush cleaning got a whole lot easier.


 Makeup Sponges: I recently came across a picture suggesting using dishwashing liquid and coconut oil to clean out beauty sponges. Despite being a little hesitant at first, I decided to try it out. The results were amazing. My sponges went from looking like they’ve been in existence since 1853 to looking brand new (nope, no exaggeration there).

This process is relatively simple. I first rinsed my sponges out with some water and dishwashing liquid. I then rinsed them clean and let them soak in a mixture of coconut oil and water for a few hours. I then rinsed them again using dishwashing liquid, let them drain and re-rinsed.

*There are many proper brush cleaners out there and I would definitely not discourage using them. This tip is just something easier and cheaper that won’t damage your sponges.

 Makeup brushes: My favourite tool to use when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes is the brush egg. Who would ever have thought a small piece of textured rubber would be such a great invention? Because of the different textures on the brush egg, all bristles are cleaned meaning gorgeous brushes. To use, I simply squirt a little brush cleaner or soap on the brush egg and swirl my brush around until it appears clean. I repeat the process a few times rinsing in between. When completed, place the brushes upside down to dry (placing the brushes upwards will cause water to drip down and loosen the glue, resulting in broken brushes). The brush egg is super affordable and can be bought from multiple online stores. I also recently came across an Express Brush Cleaning Glove on Swiitch Beauty’s website (Find them on Instagram @SwiitchBeauty). It has 7 brush cleaning textures to effortlessly remove all dirt and grime from brushes. Just like with the brush egg, all you have to do is squirt on some brush cleaner and move your brush over the different textures.

 Eye Shadow Brush Cleaner without water: Vera Mona designed the most genius tool to clean makeup brushes while using them. Often when applying eyeshadow, it sticks onto your brush, thereby changing the colours of other eyeshadows when you use the brush again. Vera Mona’s Colour Switch Duo allows you to remove all excess eyeshadow from brushes while using them so that you can re-use them without having to worry about mixing colours. Of course, you still have to wash those brushes after, but it still is a major timesaver.

Those are just a few of my methods to make sure my brushes and sponges are always clean. If you have anything different, let me know!

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