Endometriosis: The Silent Killer | Lifestyle

My name is Raeesa. I am an endometriosis warrior, a survivor, a soldier. Everyday is a battle against my body, and until now, I have proudly stood tall, upholding the flag of victory.

I am scarred – both bodily and emotionally. I am bruised – both inside and out. I am exhausted – both mentally and physically.

I wasn’t even 18 when I was diagnosed. My endometriosis was much more severe than my doctors thought. I’d been suffering for years, not knowing.

My organs are covered by growths. Like weeds in a garden, endometrial tissue grows. Constantly shedding and ripping, shedding and ripping, shedding and ripping…

Chronic fatigue is a part of my life. So are digestive problems. Bowel movements are painful. I often suffer from diarrhea or constipation.

But the worst of it all is the pain. Oh, the pain! Days are spent bent over, nights are spent curled up. There’s always something stabbing my organs, tugging at my inner skin, snagging at my cells.

I bleed on the inside, I bleed on the outside. So much blood to loose. So little energy to fight.

Medications work for most. Not for me though. I’m one of those rare ones, “the problem child”, they say. Have you ever fought against your body and had to do it all by yourself? It’s difficult, I’ll tell you that.

I spend many days in doctors rooms and on operating tables. Growths cut off here, growths burnt out there. Stitches on my stomach, pain in my body.

I used to be happy with my weight. Not anymore. Medications make me blow up. It’s depressing sometimes.

I’m tired, so tired. I awake each day, battle until I cannot any longer, and then go to sleep. Same process, every day.

My family and friends support me. But those who don’t know my struggles, only judge me. They judge me by my mood swings, they judge me by my weight, they judge me by my tiredness. All I ask is for you to not judge me.

Endometriosis is a punisher. It allows me to smile, while my organs are being tortured. It allows me to walk and talk, while crying internally. It is a silent killer.

But I will stay strong. Because I am Raeesa. I am an endo-warrior. Help me spread awareness by sharing my story. Follow my page for more with my endometriosis series.


One thought on “Endometriosis: The Silent Killer | Lifestyle

  1. You probably don’t know me, but I met you somewhere where you were feeling dizzy and needed a seat, it was someone’s funeral and you were feeling dizzy I was sitting . You didn’t want to take the seat, you were so considerate. You really are inspiring and I admire you, you are such a soldier! someone very very close to me has endometriosis, I can only imagine how painful it must be, insha Allah may Allah help your pain.
    You inspire me


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