Face Masking | Beauty

Taking care of your skin should be your number one priority. Aside from moisturizing and applying a good sun lotion every day, you should regularly exfoliate, cleanse and tone. Applying face masks can also do wonders to the skin. This week, I’ll be centering my blog posts around good face masks- both bought and home made.

Before applying any face mask, it is important to know your skin type and what type of problem you want to tackle. You wouldn’t want to apply a mask for sensitive skin if you don’t personally suffer from sensitive skin.

My personal problem is my under-eye area. I have quite a lot of discoloration as well as puffiness. I also have dry and cracked lips because of over-using liquid lipsticks (oops). I usually exfoliate my lips at least once a week to help with my lip issue. I also have a few remedies that I like for the under-eye area. I also like to apply a energizing facial mask every now and then, just to liven up my face.

Look out for the next blog post, where I’ll be talking about all my favourite home-made face masks!




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