Great Affordable Highlighters | Beauty

Great affordable highlighters | Beauty

Am I the only one who thinks “Move over Beyoncé, I’m here” when I finally get my highlight on? Probably not.

Highlighted skin is the new rage, and for a perfectly understandable reason. There’s just something so majestic and wowing about glowing, shining skin.

Now that we’ve established that everyone needs a highlight visible from outer space, let’s get down to the details. What are some good highlighters? It’s easy to talk about Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits and Mac highlighters- everyone knows all about them. But not everyone is willing to pay for them. And that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate a post to affordable highlighters that are easily accessible, will give you a stunning glow and won’t damage your bank balance. What’s not to love?

1- Physician’s Formula Natural Nude Shimmer Strips: If you’ve ever tried this out, you’d understand exactly why I love it so much. It is easily one of my most loved affordable highlighters. It gives a gorgeous glow and leaves the skin looking brighter and younger. This palette has 12 shades that can be used as bronzer, blush, eyeshadow or highlight. With its elegant gold and black lace packaging, the outside is just as beautiful as the inside. I purchased mines from Dischem.

2-Wet ‘n Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder: This adorable little palette is made up of 4 shades, all with the perfect amount of shimmer. There is a bronzing shade, two blush shade and a highlight shade which can be used separately. You can also mix them all together to get a lovely glow. I picked this up from Clicks and just like all other Wet ‘n Wild products, the price and quality both do not disappoint.

3-Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette: Not everyone wants a crazy highlight and that’s okay. Even though this palette is meant to be a blush palette, the lightest shade can be used to highlight the face. It gives a very subtle glow, and is perfect if you are just starting out with highlighters, or if you’d prefer being a little less shiny. I bought this palette from Dischem.

4- Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls: I bought this highlighter a few months ago in the shade Translucent Pearl. It has an almost icy look that I am obsessed with. It glides on so easy, and a little product really does go a long way. I bought mines from Dischem.

Highlighters are amazing and can bring out your features in beautiful ways. I’d suggest using either a fan brush or a small contour brush to really emphasize the highlight. I also would suggest testing these highlighters out before buying them to see which shade suits you best. Hopefully this post inspired you to embrace your inner goddess and stock up on some highlighters.

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