Knowing when it’s time to toss | Beauty

There’s no denying that perfect feeling you get when you buy new makeup. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of new brushes, soft and gentle on your skin. Oh, and the joy when trying out a new lipstick or eyeshadow- pure heaven!

Unfortunately, makeup doesn’t last forever and eventually we need to get rid of it all. Keeping makeup past its expiration date is extremely dangerous and can cause severe damage to ones skin. This post was created with the hopes of educating all girls out there about when it’s time to (sadly) declutter our makeup draws.

Remember, old makeup causes acne and scars, which is something we don’t want.


2-3 Months: As much as you’d hate getting rid of something so soon after you’ve bought it, it’s necessary. Mascara, face peels and face masks should be thrown out after 3 months to prevent damage to skin.

6 Months-1 Year: Concealers and Liquid Foundations need to be thrown out after about a year. If not, applying it to your skin will cause aggravation and possible skin infections and rashes.

1-1.5 Years: Lipgloss, cream eyeshadows and eyebrow gels shouldn’t be in your drawers for more than 1-1.5 years. If it’s old, toss it out.

2 Years: Lipsticks and lip/eye pencils will generally last about 2 years. The same applies to any powder foundations, blushes and eyeshadows. Nail polishes should last you a good two years.

3 Years: Perfumes and hairsprays will last 3 years before its time to get rid of them. Spraying anything that’s expired on hair or skin is extremely dangerous and can cause irritable skin.

If you feel before this time that your makeup looks expired (maybe your foundation’s dried out or your mascara is flaky), get rid of it. No matter how much you love a product, it’s not worth damaging your skin for it.

Regularly clean out your makeup drawers. It’s okay to toss out something that’s only half used, your skin will thank you later.




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