Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Collection Dupes | Beauty

When I first seen the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection a while ago, I felt like I was in heaven. I’m obsessed with anything gold and copper toned and I do love my makeup brushes, so I thought I’d pick them up. Real Techniques usually is an affordable brand and so I wasn’t expecting to pay R300 and higher for a single brush. And so when I found a dupe set for it, I instantly ordered one.

 There’s quite a few people that are selling dupes for the RT Bold Metals Brushes, but I went with @BrushShop_za (Find them on Instagram). In total, with delivery to my door, I paid under R400 which I thought was really worth it. The set includes 7 brushes and can be bought in a silver only, gold only, rose gold only or a mixed set version. I chose the mixed set.

The set consists of 3 eye brushes and 4 face brushes. The bristles are extremely soft and luxurious.

The first brush is a domed-shape powder brush. This works great with pressed or loose powders. Normally, I use this to apply my blush since it’s quite fluffy and really applies product evenly.

The second brush is triangle-shaped and is meant for foundation. I generally apply foundation with a sponge and not a brush, but I do like this brush to set my under-eye concealer since the shape is quite ideal for that purpose.

The third brush is a tapered blush brush. I love how it applies highlighter- it is my go to brush for powder highlights.

The fourth brush is a flat contour brush. I am obsessed with this one. Its dense bristles and flat top ensure a super carved and sharp contour.

The fifth brush is an angled liner brush. Its slanted head works perfectly when applying gel or liquid liner.

The sixth brush is a pointed crease brush. It is dense and slightly tapered. I use this brush to pack colours into my crease before blending out.

Lastly, the oval shadow brush. This brush is quite fluffy and not too dense, which makes it perfect for blending out eye shadows in the crease.

Overall I would definitely recommend buying a set like this one. If you are willing to spend money on the original Real Techniques Brushes, I wouldn’t stop you. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it for a supposed affordable brand. The dupes, in my opinion, work the same. I use the powder brush, tapered brush and contour brush every day. The brush I use the least would be the triangle foundation brush and the angled liner brush, but this would just depend on your own preferences.

The original brushes can be bought from Clicks. The dupes are available from a few different people online. As mentioned earlier, mines was purchased from BrushShop_za on Instagram for a super affordable price.

Happy brush shopping!



P.S Thank you to my gorgeous reader who recommended I do this post. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know on Instagram @StyleUnboxed or email me at


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