Sphere Brush Set | Beauty

Oval Brushes have been everywhere over the last few months and almost every makeup artist seems to have a set. I, of course, had to be a part of the trend.

Oval / Sphere Brushes can be quite expensive- most companies sell these at R1500 and above. Swiitch Beauty (Find them on Instagram @SwiitchBeauty) however, has these retailing at just over R800. What a steal! And to make it all even better, Swiitch Beauty had these at their pop-up stores at a 50% discount meaning I paid just R425! Eeeppp!

My first impressions:

Upon first playing around with these Sphere Brushes, I noticed the bristles were extremely soft and quite dense. The set contained 10 brushes which have multiple purposes- you really can do almost anything with them. The handle is a classy black and is relatively firm and easy to grip.

 Using the brushes:

I usually wash all my brushes before using them for the first time and I did the same with these. Simply wash out gently with baby shampoo to keep your bristles soft. Once dry, they are ready to be used.

These brushes have multiple different purposes and it all depends entirely on you. I’d recommend using the three largest brushes for foundation, and the fourth largest for concealer. The more straighter, linear brushes can be used for applying contour (I especially like this for cream contour products) and can even be used to apply eyeliner. The smaller, rounder brushes can be used for eye makeup, highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and tip of the nose as well as the Cupid’s bow. These brushes are also so perfect to use for powder blush and highlighters. It all just depends on your face size (for example I have a smaller forehead so I use the second largest brush for foundation), what type of makeup you’re using and where you’re applying the product.

My thoughts:

After using these brushes to do a full face makeup look, I have to admit, I’m in love. After seeing other peoples reviews, I did have relatively high hopes for these brushes, but the outcome really exceeded these expectations.

For foundation, I usually always use a beauty blender as I find brushes usually leave streaks. This brush however, left absolutely zero streaks. It was so soft and felt like a massage on my face. Due to its size, it applied product evenly and very quickly. I used the three largest brushes to apply my foundation.

I blended in concealer with the fourth largest brush. Using the linear-type brushes, I applied my face and nose contour.

Before using the brushes, I assumed they’d work well with cream and liquid products only. I couldn’t have been more wrong! These brushes apply powder perfectly. I honestly believe I have found a new favourite brush for power blush and highlighter.

I used one of the smaller, round brushes to apply a nose highlight and I almost died and went to highlighter heaven. It applied that well!

Overall, I am really really impressed with the Sphere Brush Set. Not only is it super affordable, the quality is great and my makeup looked stunning.

 I would really recommend getting a set like this!

Don’t forget to follow SwiitchBeauty for more great products!




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