Face Masking Part Three | Beauty

Store-Bought Face Masks
Sometimes it’s so much more convenient to just go out and buy some face masks to keep at home and use when needed. Plus, if you’re purchasing from a trusted store, you can be rest assured that you’re only putting good ingredients on your skin. There are a few store-bought face masks that I swear by. Not only are they all super affordable, they are of a great quality and they’ll leave your skin feeling super happy!

1-Swiitch Beauty

By now I’m sure it’s extremely clear what a huge fan I am of Swiitch Beauty. They are a local company storming the beauty world. On August 1, they are releasing a stream of products including a whole range of facial masks. This is something I’m extremely looking forward to, since I know the quality will be great, the masks will be crazy affordable and there’ll be a huge range to choose from.

2- L’action Face Masks

These have been my all-time favourites for as long as I can remember. They are so, so affordable costing just a few rands for two masks! There are so many of these to choose from, from energizing to hydrating to energizing to brightening- L’actionhas it all! I usually purchase at least ten of these at a time from Clicks, so I know they’re always ready for me to use.

I recently haven’t been able to find these in store which is so disappointing.

 3- Sorbet Face Care

I’m a huge, huge Sorbet fan. All there products always leave me smiling. I’m extremely fond of their under-eye masks since my bags are horrific.

Sorbet’s under-eye masks cost just R49 for three pairs, which is so extremely affordable! They feel so soft and gel-like on the skin, and leave the skin feeling brightened and renewed. They are also filled with Vitamins to ensure great looking under eyes!

I usually purchase mines at Clicks.

 4- Cettua Skin Care

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping for face masks at a local Clicks pharmacy. I usually always pick up the L’action ones, but since I just couldn’t find them, I decided to try out a new brand called Cettua. Best decision ever!

These masks are super affordable (they cost just R28 for one sheet mask) and come in a variety of different types. I personally picked up a hydrating mask, an anti-redness mask, a brightening mask and a pore control mask. The packaging is super adorable too, which is something I always love.

Thus far, I’m super impressed with these masks. I haven’t gotten down to trying all of them, but I would definitely recommend picking them up.

I generally don’t spend too much on face masks since I trust my home remedies so well. When I do spend on them though, it always one of the above.

Feel free to share with me your favourite face masks!

Xoxo                                                                                                                                                                        Raeesa

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