But First, Lipstick | Beauty

From every makeup product out there, lipsticks have got to be my favourites. I love how there’s always a different colour or type to suit my mood. This winter, there’s a few affordable one’s I’ve been particular loving and I thought I’d share them with you.

Yardley Longwear Lips in Sienna

Brown lipsticks have always been a go-to for me and this one by Yardley has slowly become my favourite. I love how it has just the right amount of warmth and deepness, without being too bold. It’s matte finish is ideal for me, and it’s creamy texture means I don’t have to worry about dehydrated and cracked lips. For only R109-95, these lipsticks are definitely a bargain.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte in Beeper

I’ve been a fan of Colour Pop for ages, and their ultra-matte formula has always been a favourite. Beeper is taupe shade that suits my complexion perfectly. It dries totally matte and I know that no matter what I do, my lipstick won’t fade. I’ve been using this so much lately that I’ve just ran out and need to get a new one urgently!

Revlon Super Lustrous in Brazilian Tan

I’m not usually a fan of nude lip colours since I feel they often leave my golden-olive complexion looking washed out. This one however, is perfect. I love how it gives me a natural look while still adding a touch of elegance. It doesn’t apply matte, but surprisingly, I don’t mind it.

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Blushing
I tend to stay away from lip glosses since I don’t like the way they look on me, but this colour was so gorgeous, I just had to have it! It’s a warm pink lip paint that isn’t too light for my skin complexion. I usually pat on some translucent powder over-top to give it a matte finish.

Avon Lipstick in Blush Nude

I generally stray away from pinky nudes, but this one has me in love! It’s the first pink-toned nude lip colour that doesn’t wash out my complexion. I love this on casual days when I want my makeup to be light and natural.

These are a little dull and boring but I find that they are perfect for winter. I’m so excited for spring to try out some new bright colours! Hope you enjoyed!

*These pictures have no filter and were taken with no flash.




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