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People are always talking about their favourite lipsticks, go-to eyeshadow palettes and essential foundations. But there’s rarely people talking about the tools that help them achieve their best looks. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you the makeup tools I just can’t live without and what I think every beginner needs in their collection!

1- Beauty Blender 

If you know me well enough, you probably predicted this coming. My beauty blender is my number one makeup tool that I absolutely cannot live without. In my opinion, nothing (and I mean nothing) applies and blends out liquid and cream products as well as a beauty sponge. It gives the most airbrushed, natural and beautiful finish. If you can’t get your hands on an original beauty blender, it’s okay! There’s loads of other great sponges out on the market that do the same great job. I have done a full post on my favourite sponges before.

*If you aren’t a fan of beauty sponges, flat top foundation brushes are perfect for applying liquid and cream products.

2- Eye Blending Brush 

Eye makeup is pretty much a staple for me. I love layering deep colours in my crease and the best brush to do this is a blending brush. Blending brushes are usually quite fluffy and big enough to equally spread product over the crease.

3– Flat-top Eye Brush 

I usually complete any eye look with some shimmer and shine on my lid. A flat brush is perfect for this since it can pick up a lot of pigment and press it onto the lid. I personally cannot live without my flat-top eye brush but if you’d prefer, you can use your finger for this.

4- The Angled Liner Brush 

The angled liner brush is a thin, flat brush used to apply gel liners and eyebrow products. Personally, I don’t apply eyeliner or brow products, but if you’d like your eyeliner and brows on fleek, I’d recommend this.

5– The Blush Brush 

I cannot go a day without applying blush and so a good blush brush is essential.

These do not have to be extremely dense. Usually, I use fluffy contour brushes.

6- The Dense Powder Brush

This is definitely not a staple brush for everyone. I personally love applying powder over my foundation to increase its lasting power. A dense powder brush is usually a go-to for me.

7- The Contour Brush

Chiseled out cheekbones are all the rage these days. In my opinion, two brushes can be used for contouring. The first is a flat-top brush which I prefer for very cut cheekbones. A more fluffy brush is ideal for light bronzing and contouring.

8- The Highlighting Brush

There are two brushes that I would personally recommend for highlighting. The first is a fan brush- this is a thin, fan-shaped brush that lightly brushes over the cheekbones. The second is a small contour brush. It picks up a lot more product and gives a more intense highlight.

That’s it! 8 of my essential brushes I believe everyone should have in their kit.

I will warn you- brushes are amazingly addictive (like all other makeup products) and you probably will end up buying a ton more!




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