My secrets to great skin | Beauty & Lifestyle 


I’ve always received many questions about my skin routine and I thought I’d finally share it with the world.

Disclaimer: This is, by no means, the perfect routine. It’s simply what I do to maintain clear and healthy looking skin.

I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with clear skin. Occasionally, I will break out with the odd pimple, but for the most part, my skin is blemish-free. There are a few products that I’ve been using for years that I believe help my skin stay healthy-looking.

My number one skin care rule is to moisturise. My day both starts and ends with applying a moisturiser to my body. I’m not usually fussy with the moisturisers that I use- an inexpensive body cream from the pharmacy suits me fine.

Applying suncream regularly is something I believe religiously in. I apply Tropitone- an inexpensive yet high SPF lotion- every morning. This prevents damage to the skin.

Makeup remover has over the years become a best friend to me. I usually apply a very light layer of makeup and don’t need too strong makeup removers. The Garnier Micellar Water has proven to be perfect. There are days when laziness wants to take over and I don’t feel like removing my makeup- but removing makeup is such a crucial step and should never be skipped.

Face masks are a great investment towards good skin. You don’t need to apply them every day- once a week is fine. Inexpensive yet effective masks can be found at local pharmacies and can be used to treat multiple skin problems.

Of course, the right amount of sleep and a good diet can do wonders for your skin. Getting 8 hours of sleep is essential, and filling up with some greens won’t do any harm.

There you have it! My secrets to great, healthy-looking skin. Do you have any secrets? Share them with me on Instagram or Snapchat @StyleUnboxed.




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