Beauty Review: Smashbox Primer Water | Beauty

It’s no secret that a good primer can do wonders when applying make-up. Not only can it apply makeup smoother, it also gives the skin a more flawless finish.

I recently purchased the Smashbox Primer Water- a product I’ve heard extremely great reviews about. Here are my thoughts!


I purchased my primer water from a Smashbox stand in a local Woolworths store. The —ml bottle cost just R400- which is not expensive considering the quality of the brand.

The product:

Primers are applied before makeup and are used to better the appearance of ones makeup. The popular primer water by Smashbox is oil free, silicone free and alcohol free. It’s packed with electrolytes which are said to hydrate the skin.


One of the things I love most about this primer is that it’s in a liquid form. Being able to spritz it on my face instead of applying with my fingers makes it a lot more effective- not to mention fun!

The cooling sensation of the primer water upon application leaves the skin feeling instantly hydrated and well moisturised.

I spray a few spritz (3 or 4) all over my face and leave to dry for a few minutes before applying foundation overtop.

First impressions:

Upon applying, I immediately noticed how hydrated my skin felt. Winter usually leaves my skin dry and dehydrated, and so the cooling sensation was extremely appreciated.

After leaving to dry for a few moments, the skin still has a radiant, almost dewy look.

My foundation applied smoothly and had a radiant look. I was impressed at how my makeup lasted all day. I was also impressed at how hydrated my skin felt. Usually, a few hours of foundation leaves my skin feeling dry and in need of moisture, but surprisingly, this time was different!

Overall recommendations:

I’m not always picky when it comes to primers, but with the primer water, I feel like I’ve found a new favourite. It’s managed to hydrate my skin like no other primer has done.

R400 might seem a little expensive for a primer, but taking into account how little needs to be used at a time and how brilliant it applies, it makes it worth it.

Another great thing about this product is that it can be used as a setting spray, meaning more value for your money.

After using the Smashbox Primer Water, I can definitely see why it’s such a raved-about product.

Do you have any favourites?



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