Holy Grail Flash Case: 5 Favourite Uses | Beauty


I recently purchased the Holy Grail Flash Case from Swiitch Beauty. It’s an ingenious palette comprising of 12 cream products that can be mixed to create any custom shade. Here are my top 5 uses for this great product:

Colour Correcting:

I’m a huge fan of colour correcting- especially since I have quite prominent dark circles and red pigmentation around my nose and lip area. For my under eyes, I mix the coral and red shades to create an orange toned shade that cancels out any dark circles. I also mix the green and white shades to cancel out the redness on my face.


I own hundreds of lipsticks but I’m always looking for new ones. The amazing thing about the Holy Grail Flash Case is that I can custom mix any lip shade depending on the occasion. I’m currently loving mixing the coral and brown for a brown/grey look. I’m also loving mixing the coral and white for the perfect nude.


I can’t go a day without contouring and cream contouring has always been a favourite. I love mixing the brown and white shade to get the perfect cool-toned contour shade.


A rosy flush of colour on my cheeks is essential. I enjoy mixing the pink and white shades to create a light rosy tone which I dab on my cheeks with my finger for a natural-looking hue to the skin. With spring just around the corner, this looks beautiful.


What’s a good makeup look without the glow? I’ve been loving the gold shade in this palette to give me skin a healthy and natural glow. I simply pat it into my skin.

The Holy Grail Flash Case can be purchased from Swiitch Beauty- either online or at one of their pop-up stores. This amazing product is great for traveling and is extremely versatile. Another plus is that it’s really inexpensive.




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