Studio Fix vs Face And Body: Which one’s for you? | Beauty


I’ve always been a huge fan of Mac products. I find them to be quite well-priced compared to most other high-end products and their quality is undeniably exceptional. Another great thing about Mac is the huge variety of products they always have- no matter what your need, there’s always the perfect product.

Recently, I was on the search for a good foundation. I’ve never had a bad experience with a Mac foundation and so it was the first place I looked. I ended up purchasing the Face and Body foundation- which I’ve heard only good things about.

Since I already have Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid, I thought I’d compare the two foundations to make it easier to choose which one is for you.

Studio Fix Fluid:

This foundation retails for around R380 for a 30ml bottle. It can be purchased online or in store. It’s packaged in a sleek glass bottle with a matte lid.

The good thing about this foundation is that it has an SPF of 15, so it’s okay to use on sunny days. However, it is a little heavy for everyday summer usage in my opinion.

There is a large selection of colours to choose from- meaning almost everyone can get their perfect shade. If you aren’t sure about your shade, consultants at Mac can match you in store.

The Studio Fix Fluid has a matte finish. Coverage is medium but can be built up.

This foundation is long-lasting but I would recommend using a setting spray to keep it in place.

I do find this foundation heavier and more full coverage than the Face and Body. It’s more ideal for special occasions and events.

Face and Body:

This foundation can be bought in two sizes- 50ml for R380 or 120ml for R470 making it much more affordable than the Studio Fix. However, it is a much lighter coverage foundation.

It is packaged in a plastic bottle- making it safe and easy to travel with.

It has a very light coverage and is perfect for a minimal, no-makeup look. The coverage can be built up- but not by much.

Contrary to the Studio Fix Fluid, the Face and Body has a more satin, dewy finish which is something I do prefer since I have dry skin.

It feels a lot lighter on the skin- and so it’s perfect for those who prefer less cakey makeup.

There are quite a few shades available, and a Mac consultant can help you find your perfect shade.

Unless you have relatively clear skin, this product is not great for special events and occasions because of its lighter coverage. It is however, perfect for a day-to-day use.

I hope this comparison helps you find your perfect foundation!

Let me know what your favourites are!




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