Makeup Trends to Embrace this Spring | Beauty


Spring is my favourite season of the year. I love how all the dreariness of winter just seems to melt away and a bright and colourful world arises. It seems almost magical to me.

And of course, with the change of a season comes the change of trends. I thought I’d share with you my favourite spring trends to embrace this year. Enjoy!

Bright Lipsticks : I’m usually a neutral-toned girl when it comes to lipstick but if there’s one time of the year I love bringing out the bright lippies, it’s spring! Go bold with a daring orange or candy-red. Try out some electric pinks. Why not buy the crazy blue you thought you’d never pull off? Spring is about bold- embrace it.

Rosy Blush: I’m always a fan of a good blush but if there’s one time of the year I especially love it, it’s spring. Having a rosy flush to the skin makes you look healthy and young- who doesn’t want that?

Electrifying Eyeliner: Everyone always tends to stick to the plain old black eyeliner. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a staple and classic look. But if you ask me, bright eyeliners are a huge trend and for a great reason! There are so many brands who are embracing this trend by creating colourful liners- go ahead, join the fun!

Glamorous Glitter: Who isn’t a fan of glitter? I’ve been loving the newest spring trends of going a little (or a lot) glitter crazy. Put some on your eyelid for a pop. Apply it over lipstick for a catwalk effect. Apply it overtop your eyeliner for a sleek look. There’s just so much to do with glitter this season!
Go Bronze: To me, spring is a time to ditch the contour kits and to bring out the bronzing kits. Instead of focussing so much on sculpted cheekbones, bronze up your face to give you a glowy, beach-goddess look!

Balance it all out: Remember, the most step is to balance everything! As great as a bold lip and electrifying eye look may be, wearing them together can sometimes be too much. Focus on one aspect to bring colour and keep the rest a little simple.

Happy Spring’ing!




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