The Makeup How-To Series: Part 3 | Beauty

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In this edition of the Makeup How-To Series, I’ll explain setting different parts of the face with powder products. If you’re going for an everyday look, you can skip cream contouring and highlighting and simply follow these steps.


Step 8: Setting Powder

Setting the face is an extremely important step since it prevents makeup from slipping off during the day. It increases the longevity of its use and gives a more flawless effect.

A translucent powder works great under the eyes. By patting it into the skin, it prevents any creases from appearing.

A powder in your skin shade works well to set the remainder of the face. Using a powder foundation for this might work, but it can sometimes look cakey. Rather, use a setting powder.

Step 9: Powder Contouring/Bronzing

If you have applied a cream or liquid contour shade, it’s good to set it in place. This can be done using a contour powder in your shade.

If you haven’t applied a cream or liquid contour shade, you can apply a powder contour now for a more natural effect. Simply run the powder under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose and forehead and underneath the chin.

In the warmer seasons, you can skip the contouring and warm up the face with some bronzer. It’s almost the same as contouring- just not as structured and cool-toned. Bronzing up the face gives the appearance of a tan.

Step 10: Highlighting

Powder highlighting is an amazing trick used to give the appearance of glowy, goddess-like skin. Run a highlighting powder over your cheekbones (the highest point of your cheek), the tip of the nose and your Cupid’s bow.

A fan brush does this perfectly.

Step 11: Setting Spray

A setting spray is crucial. It allows all the makeup to melt into the skin and gives the appearance of naturally flawless skin. It will also keep your makeup lasting much longer. A few sprays are all you need.

Watch out for the next part in the Makeup How-To Series!




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