The Makeup How-To Series: Part 4 | Beauty

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Eye makeup has the potential to elevate your makeup level and to make it even more flawless. There are thousands of eyeshadow looks you can create, but today I’ll be explaining the most commonly used tips to get a great look.


Step 12: The Eyes

When deciding which eye look to go for, there are a few factors that can help you. Firstly, it’s important to decide what type of look you’d like- you can go all natural or full glam.

It’s also important to choose colours that work well together.

A good trick is to balance out your makeup. If you’re going for a bright lip, a subtle eye works best. Similarly, if you’re going for glamorous eyes, a nude lip works great.

Before applying any eyeshadows, it’s good to apply an eye primer. Just like with a face primer, this will help colours appear more pigmented and will give a more flawless appearance.

You also want to set your primer with a powder to help blend out eyeshadows later. Use a bone-coloured or translucent shade for this. Pat it into your eyes.
With all eyeshadow looks, you want to first apply a transition shade into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. This will help colours applied later look more blended. A transition shade is usually a shade or two darker than your skin tone- be careful not to go too dark though!

Building up colours is the most important key to a successful eye look. You want to start with the lightest colours and then work your way up to the darker colours.

Blending is key! In between each colour application, take a blending brush to blend out any harsh lines.

The darker the colour you’re applying, the less pressure you want to apply on your crease. You also don’t want to take all the colours fully into the crease. After fully blending your transition shade in the crease, take your second darkest colour and blend it halfway. Then take your darkest colour and work it into the outer V.

Lashes and eyeliner can complete any eye look and give it some extra glam. However, if you’d prefer not applying lashes and eyeliner, you can still rock your eyeshadow.

Hope you enjoyed the Makeup How-To Series!


*Images used from Pinterest.


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