Colour Pop Anyone? | Beauty

Last year I purchased my first few Colour Pop goodies. It was around December, when Colour Pop had a few of their holiday collections out. I’m a lipstick lover, and I really wanted the ultra matte lips so I got one of their holiday sets (this came with 5 mini-sized ultra matte lipsticks) and one individual Ultra Matte Lipstick. Ever since I tried Colour Pop, I’ve been obsessed. I have told so many people about these lipsticks (seriously, Colour Pop should hire me as an advertiser). They are honestly, to this day 6 months later, my go-to liquid lipsticks that I use almost all the time.

Recently, I went on a teensy tiny Colour Pop haul. If it wasn’t for my budget, I probably would have bought a lot more than what I ended up getting (budgeting kills my vibe). I did get a few products though and I thought I’d share that with you.


I’m a sucker for good blushes and as soon as I see a pretty shade, I want (need) it. There were two on Colour Pop’s website that stood out the most to me:

Birthday Suit: This neutral toned pink blush is so dang adorable. It has a satin finish and applies perfectly. I use my finger to apply these since they give a gorgeous natural flush to the apples of my cheeks.

Prenup: This satin-finished blush is a mid-tone plum. How gorgeous! Just as with Birthday Suit, I apply the blush with my fingers on the apples of my cheek. I absolutely love how well it goes with my skin complexion- not too light, not too dark but just right.


I am always about that glow. I love shining like a diamond, it’s just a necessity. Colour Pop has a huge selection of highlighters to choose from but since it was my first time purchasing a highlighter from them, I thought I’d buy just one. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. I regret not buying them all.

Glo Up: Colour Pop described this as “a rich gold with flashes of golden copper”. They had me at rich gold. Who am I kidding. They had me at makeup.

This gorgeous cream highlighter is smooth and buttery and applies like a dream. It is highly pigmented and the smallest amount goes a long way.

I apply this with a dense cheek brush if I really want to pack on the colour, but apply it with my finger when going for a more natural look.

Lip pencil: 
I’ve heard such great things about Colour Pop lip pencils and I decided to experience the magic for myself.

Grunge: I’m a sucker for plum toned lip shades. I’m also a sucker for brown toned lip shades. Grunge is a cool toned combination of plum and brown. It’s so creamy and easy to apply- which is always something I look for in a lip pencil. Apply directly with the pencil for a perfect finish.


I’ve purchased Colour Pop Ultra Matte lipsticks before, and I absolutely loved them. Since I am a huge fan of matte lips, I thought I’d add some more to my collection.

Beeper: This was a product I had tried out before and loved. It honestly was, for the longest time, my go-to lipstick. Until I ran out of it. Obviously, I had to restock it. It’s warm mid-tone taupe colour is everything to me. I swear I can live in this.

Limbo: Chocolate brown lipsticks have always had a special place in my heart. When I seen this one, I instantly knew I needed it. It’s a deep, warm brown that would be perfect in Autumn or Winter. It adds the perfect amount of drama to a look, without being too much. This is definitely a new favourite.


I love love love a good eyeshadow and Colour Pop’s Super Shock Shadows have got to be some of the best out there. This is what I purchased:

Jenn ne Sais Quad-

This is part of the Jenn IM collection. You get 4 super shock shadows in a selection of stunning colours.

Un: Champagne coloured with little glitter specks. Super adorable in a metallic finish! This is perfect for a semi-dramatic look. I’d recommended packing this colour onto the lid either with your fingertip or with a flat eye brush.

Deux: This cute warm-toned brown is perfect as a transition colour in the crease. With its satins finish, it blends out easily. Apply with a fluffy blending brush.

Trois: This brick-red tone stands out amongst the others and in my opinion, is great for a dramatic eye look. It too blends out quite easily and it’s easy to build up on the pigment.

Quatre: This deeper brown is a little darker than your average brown, but not entirely black either. It’s gorgeous for a smokey eye or for darkening your outer V. This might even work in the crease. It is quite pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Aside from the set, I purchased another single shadow:

I Heart This: This super adorable silvery-taupe has specks of multi-coloured glitter! I love packing this on the lid with either my finger or a flat eye brush. The pigmentation is gorgeous and the colour lasts forever.

Unfortunately, my haul ends there (someone give me some tissues). I’m a die-hard Colour Pop lover, and every product I’ve had the privilege of trying, I’ve fallen in love with. I guess you could say we’re just meant to be.

There’s quite a few things I love about Colour Pop. Firstly, it is quite affordable. Being in South Africa means (sadly), we have to pay a little more than everyone else, with conversions, shipping and customs. Still, Colour Pop is much more affordable than most brands out there. Another thing I love is quantity. You really do get your money’s worth since so much of product is available- and it really does last forever. And then of course, quality. Colour Pop is a trusted brand and you can be rest assured that whatever you’re packing on your face is great quality.
I’m going to be really honest and tell you what I’ve told everyone else, I love Colour Pop and I think it’s a great brand to shop from. I literally wish I could own every one of their products, I’m that in love. I know it may seem so exaggerated, but Colour Pop, is in my wholehearted opinion, one of the best brands out there. I haven’t had a single problem to this day with any of their products. I honestly plan on doing another huge haul closer to the holidays, when they come out with a few holiday sets (I love holiday sets because it’s great value for your money, plus you get limited edition pieces).

If you’re living in South Africa, you can order Colour Pop goodies from Muse (Instagram @Muse_SA). I order every single makeup goodie from her and I’m always thrilled with the service.

Go out and get shopping!



P.S If anyone’s wondering what to get me for my birthday, more Colour Pop would be great. Just Kidding.
Also, this post was not sponsored by Colour Pop (even though I wish it was). All opinions are entirely my own and 100% honest.

Apologies for this post being SO long- I just couldn’t resist sharing all my new favourite goodies!




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