Beauty Review: Swiitch Beauty Steam Cleanse | Beauty

I’m the type of girl who can never say no to a good skincare product. I love smooth, radiant looking skin and I’m always looking for products to help me achieve that. Recently, Swiitch Beauty launched an exciting range of Facial Steam Cleanses. The range included 3 different steam cleanses, all made with natural ingredients to give you great skin. I tried out the Glow Steam Cleanse- here’s my thoughts!


I purchased these steam cleanses from a pop-up store recently held by Swiitch Beauty. However, they are available online. It costs just R45 for a tub- which is super affordable.


Using the steam cleanses is incredibly easy. Pour some boiling water into a bowl and throw in some of the steam cleanse mixture. Create a tent over your head and relax away! For the best results, steam for 15-20 minutes. For maximum use, strain the water, pour in a spray bottle, and spritz some on your face daily for a godly glow!


There are loads of benefits to steaming. The first being great skin! I was a little hesitant to believe that one steam could help my skin- but it did. My skin was more radiant and definitely had a glow. Another great benefit to steaming is one that many of you may know- steaming opens up the airways and clears up congestion (especially at this dreaded time of the year).

Is it worth it?

Definitely! I could notice a significant difference in my skin in just one use and I’m sure that multiple uses will help my skin even more. The price is extremely affordable and you get quite a lot of worth for your money. There are many benefits to steaming, both beauty and health related. Overall, this product gets a thumbs up from me and I’m keen to try it out some more!

Let me know what you think.




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