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I was recently gifted with a range of products from Elancyl Paris for both cellulite and stretch mark management. I thought I’d share them with you.

About Elancyl:

Elancyl made its first appearance in 1971. For over 45 years, Elancyl has produced a variety of products aimed at slimming and body care. Elancyl combines science and nature to form a range of products suitable for all woman.

The products:

Elancyl has a huge variety of products available to suit your individual needs. These were the products I received.

1. Activ’ Slimming Massage

2. Cellu Slim

3. Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Activ’ Slimming Massage:

This product contains a refillable tube of product and a nozzle for easy use. It is intended to be used in the shower, preferably in the evening. It reactivates micro-circulation and decongests tissues. An in-depth video is also available to demonstrate the correct and most preferred method of using the product.

Cellu Slim:
This product targets stubborn cellulite. It is sold in a 200 mo bottle with a pump for easy use. It is preferable to use Cellu Slim products in the morning, since this is the body’s ideal time to eliminate fat.

Stretch Mark Prevention Cream:

This product is extremely useful for woman dealing with pregnancy, weight changes or puberty. It is sold in a 150ml tube or a 500ml pump bottle. It can be used one to two times a day and is ideal to prevent stretch marks from arising.

Other products:

Other products in the Elancyl range include Cellu Slim Night, Cellu Slim Flat Stomach, Firming Body Lotion, Bust-Firming Serum, Stretch Mark Care Oil, Toning Shower Gel and more. Each product is specifically made to target a certain body area or aspect, and should be used as required.


Elancyl products can be purchased at a very affordable price at Dischem Pharmacies.

My opinion:

The range should ideally be tried out for 28 days for most benefit. I am currently only 4 days in the treatment, but am already noticing a significant difference in cellulite on my thigh area.

A follow-up blog post will be available after 28 days to give a full review on the Elancyl products.

I am looking forward immensely to seeing the results of this treatment. I have full hope that it will perform as well as its reviews.



*This post was sponsored by Elancyl. However, all reviews are entirely mine and 100% honest.


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