Elancyl Product Review: The 28 Day Challenge | Lifestyle


Have you read the first post in this series? I explain each product in detail and its claims. Read it here:


28 days ago I started using some Elancyl Paris products that were sent to me. The results have been exceptional, to say the least. Here are my thoughts.

Activ’ Slimming Massage:

This product claimed to help with slimming the body. It’s meant to be used during your evening bath-time. It takes a few minutes to complete the massage (as demonstrated online), and those few minutes every day are insanely relaxing! I can actually feel (and see) the difference! The body feels lighter and almost invigorated- who doesn’t want that? This is definitely a product I’ll be repurchasing since I absolutely love it!


I’ve always had areas of stubborn cellulite on various areas on my body like my arms and thighs so I was extremely excited to try this product. It claimed to fight stubborn cellulite which is exactly what it did. I can see a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite, especially on my thigh area. This product is easy to use, and takes less than a minute. It was easy to incorporate into my morning routine and the results proved that it was well worth it!

Stretch Mark Prevention Cream:

This product is one of my favourites from the collection! Stretch marks are something we all suffer from and they can make you feel quite insecure. When used together with stretch mark care oils, this product works wonderfully. It is especially helpful for individuals that are pregnant, undergoing weight changes or going through puberty. It does wonders in preventing the appearance of new stretch marks- which makes getting rid of the old ones a lot easier.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out the Elancyl Paris products. The combination of science and nature works great in creating products that work incredibly. These products are available at Dischem stores and I would highly recommend seeing the huge range of products available.



*These products were sent to me by Elancyl. However all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Please use these products at your own risk.


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