Obsessing over Essence | Beauty


It’s no hidden fact that I’m a huge fan of Essence beauty products. Not only are they super affordable, the quality is insane. I previously did a post on my favourite Essence beauty products (I’ll link it down below), but I’ve purchased some new single eyeshadows to add to the list.


I purchased the Essence single eyeshadows from Clicks. They are available at multiple other stores in South Africa. Costing just R37 per eyeshadow, these are insanely affordable (not to mention, the pan size is huge!)


I personally am a huge fan of neutral shades, and most of the shadows I’ve purchased show just that. The range does, however, come in a huge variety of shades to choose from. The eyeshadows also come in a variety of finishes- from matte to shimmer, Essence has it all!


The Essence single shadows can be used to create just about any look. Since there are multiple colours and finishes, application is easy. For the crease, I apply the shadows with a blending brush. For the lid, a flat eyeshadow brush works best.

Overall thoughts:

For the price, these eyeshadows are extremely worth it. Not to mention, great pigmentation and incredible quality. Being able to choose the shades you want saves money (you don’t have to buy whole palettes). I definitely recommend adding these to your collection if you’re an eyeshadow lover!



Have you read my previous Essence favourites post? Read it here:



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