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I’ve always had relatively good skin and I (sadly) tended to take that for granted. My skin routine was more basic than basic. Until I realized that investing more in my skin care now would mean worrying less later.

I was out shopping (nothing new there) when I discovered the Neutrogena skin care range. It intrigued me- I’d heard such great things about the brand and I really wanted to try something new to better my skin. I opted for the Visibly Clear range. Even though my skin is, for the most part, relatively clear, I did have some uneven spots and areas of mild redness which I really wanted to get rid of.

Initial Thoughts 

I purchased the Facial Scrub, Exfoliator and Moisturiser which retail for around R99 each (Clicks had an amazing 3 for 2 sale so I scored all three for the price of two). Considering how great this product ended up being, I think the price is totally worth it.

Upon opening the packaging, a gorgeous grapefruit scent erupt. I’m usually not a fan of strong scents but I love this- it’s not too overwhelming, but still noticeable in a relaxing type of way.


Using the products are pretty simple. It also doesn’t take much time, which is great if you’re usually rushing out the door every morning. For best results, the products should be used together.

My results 

I cannot preach enough how much of a difference I noticed with this product! My skin was always a little on the dry side, but after just 10 days using the product, I can feel a difference- my skin feels and looks hydrated. I also had slight red discoloration around my nose area, which had always bothered me, but they seemed to magically disappear with the Neutrogena products!

Overall thoughts 

While I cannot guarantee the range will work for everyone, I have extremely high hopes that it will be beneficial to many. As mentioned earlier, my skin is relatively clear which could be why I noticed a difference so soon. I will continue using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Range, since I am elated at the way my skin looks and feels. I recommend this highly to anyone on the the search for clearer, more hydrated skin.

Let me know your thoughts!



*This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Please use at your own discretion.


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