Beauty Review: Whirl Beauty Brushes | Beauty


“Life is short. Buy the brushes.”

I have somewhat of an obsession with makeup brushes. There’s just something about the feel and look of a new, clean brush that gets me all happy.

Whirl Beauty, South Africa’s latest beauty store, recently launched. That meant new brushes, and of course, I had to purchase some to try out.


The service from the team at Whirl Beauty is incredible! Before even purchasing any brushes, I was told about the products and what it would do. The team let me pay at a time and place that suited me. They were friendly and warm- something I always look forward to. My brushes were dispatched on Monday and by Tuesday, I had already received my products. Talk about fast delivery!

Initial thoughts:
I purchased the 5 piece Kabuki Brush Set. Buying from a new brand is usually scary since you never know what you’re really getting, but I was so impressed with the brushes I received! They felt soft and luxurious and made me want to use them immediately.

About the brushes:

The set contains 5 Kabuki brushes that are meant to create a flawless face. They have a sturdy handle which makes it easy to grip. The bristles and soft and don’t scratch at the skin. When washing, the bristles washed well and did not fall off.

Using the brushes: 
The brushes can be used for multiple purposes such as applying foundation, buffing in powder and blending out cream products. They work extremely well.

Price and Purchase:

The set of brushes was extremely affordable- under 400 for the entire set! They can be purchased directly from Whirl Beauty on Instagram (@whirl_beauty).

Overall thoughts:
I was extremely happy with this Kabuki brush set. Not only is it great value for money, the brushes are clearly good quality. I can already tell that Whirl Beauty is about to take South Africa by storm!

What I’d love to see:

I love eye brushes and I’d love to see an eyeshadow set from the brand. I’d also be interested in makeup products- especially if the quality is this great!

Try them out and let me know your thoughts!



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