Long Distance Flight Essentials | Lifestyle

Long-Distance flights have a way of making a girl feel tired and a little worse for wear. The only way to really enjoy them, is to be well- prepared. I’ve put together a list of things to keep on hand to make the exhausting trip a little less brutal.

Wear the right clothing:

When flying long distances, comfortable clothing is EVERYTHING. Keep a jacket or shawl on hand since you probably will end up feeling too cold (I recommend a shawl since it double up as a blanket). Make sure you have some comfy socks and good shoes too.

Stay Hydrated:

Flying can usually leave one feeling insanely dehydrated since the air in cabins are so dry. Keep some water on hand- your body and skin will thank you later.

Keep some Snacks:

Plane food isn’t always the most delicious- or filling. Keep some snacks- like crisps, fruits and nuts- near you to help fight the hunger.

Pack some toiletries:

Keep some deodorant, cream and toothpaste on hand to help freshen up. Some lip balm will do good too.

Look after your skin:

Flying really had a way of drying out your skin and sucking all the moisture out. Aside from drinking loads of water, apply some cream every hour or two to bring back the moisture. If you’re daring enough, use some sheet and eye masks while flying to really boost the moisture in your skin.

Hygiene is important:

I’ll admit, I am a little of a hygiene freak. Planes can be an easy place to pick up germs. Use some hand sanitizer when necessary. If you do need the bathroom, keep some toilet wipes on hand.

Ear plugs are a must:

Planes are often extremely noisy and you never get the amount of sleep you should. With a good pair of ear plugs, you can block out most of the noise and be a little more comfortable.

Portable Phone Charger:

While you may not use your phone too much up in the air, it’s still a good idea to keep a portable phone charger on hand.

Try to pick a good seat:

Most flights allow you to choose your own seat- especially if you’re checking in online. Choose a good seat with good foot space. Emergency exit seats do provide the most space- but there is a catch. Not only do you have to be able to assist others in the case of an emergency, you also don’t get your own television that comes with many Airplane companies.

That’s it- my top tips for long-distance flights.

Safe travels!



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