Mail Time with Urban Addiction | Beauty

There’s no feeling in the world quite like receiving new mail. Makeup mail, to be more precise.

A few days ago, Urban Addiction sent me some products and I was elated. New makeup products to test? Yes please!

Here are my thoughts on the products and brand.

About Urban Addiction:
Urban Addiction is a South African retailer working to bring amazing products to our soil. They stock almost everything your heart could desire- quite literally.

The products:
I received the following from Urban Addiction:

Eyeliner Stencil Stickers- From all the products I received, this has to be my favourite. I’m utterly hopeless at applying eyeliner. Pathetic. Useless. You get the point. The usual eyeliner stencils that have been flooding the market do work- but in all honesty, it is a little difficult to maneuver them and to get them to stay in place. The great thing about these is that they stick on so they don’t move around when you’re applying eyeliner. Perfect if you’re as hopeless at applying eyeliner as I am.

Beauty Blender Dupes: I’ll be honest, my beauty blender is my number one, go-to makeup item. I just cannot seem to live without it. But paying R400 every 2 months to replace it can get a little expensive. These dupes from Urban Addiction are perfect! Not only do they look exactly like the real thing, they perform very similar. Yay!

Eyebrow Stencils: If there’s one thing you should never leave the house without, it’s your eyebrows on fleek. Eyebrows have a way of framing the face and can change an entire look. But getting the perfect eyebrow isn’t always easy. That’s why these Urban Addiction eyebrow stencils are perfect! 

Brushes: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing I love more than brushes. They excite me in odd ways. Urban Addiction was kind enough to send me some brushes- and I can already tell that I’m going to love them!

I would definitely recommend trying out some products from Urban Addiction. There products are affordable and the quality is great. You can find them on Instagram @urban_addiction

Hope you enjoy!




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