Travel Makeup Checklist | Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello Vacation! It’s finally here- the end-of-year holiday season that EVERYONE looks forward to. With most of us packing our bags and getting ready for vacation, I thought I’d share with you my travel makeup checklist. This checklist contains everything you need to have with you on vacation and will help you make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Primer: A good primer is key, especially when on vacation. If you’ll be out and about all day, a primer can help your makeup stay fresh for longer. Alternatively, it can be used alone to help smoothen out the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Foundation: When traveling, its important to pick out the right foundation. If you’re going to be out in the sun, a BB or CC cream is recommended since it’s more lightweight. Try not to pack glass bottles, especially if you’re flying. Rather, empty your favourite foundation into a plastic tube and seal it well.
Concealer: Concealer is every girl’s best friend. Vacation usually means late nights which can cause dark circle and puffy bags- which can be covered with a good concealer. A concealer can also be used alone to cover up any spots and blemishes without being too heavy.
Setting powder: If you’re going to be in a hot area, setting your face is crucial. It will prevent your makeup from creasing and melting throughout the day. It is important to note that some powders do show up white with flash photography, so make sure in advance yours won’t do this. 

Bronzers: Nothing says summer quite like bronzed skin. Skip the contour and go for a more bronzed look.

Blush: Rosy cheeks are always beautiful. Add some blush into your summer makeup routine and you’ll look more healthier and alive.

Highlighter: Applying a highlighter or body shimmer can do wonders. It gives the appearance of healthy, glowing skin- who doesn’t want that?

Eyeshadow: Packing multiple eyeshadow palettes to take with on vacation is never a good idea. Rather, choose one palette that has most of the shades you need. Alternatively, double up your face powders as eyeshadows!

Mascara: If you’re going to be out in the water, a waterproof mascara is key. You can skip this step and just curl your lashes if you’d like a more natural effect. 

Lipstick: When packing makeup for vacation, saving space is key. Try to pack a lipstick palette that has multiple lipstick options available in one palette so you don’t have to carry 100 individual lipsticks. If you don’t own a palette, take a few staple colours and mix and match them as you go along. 

Setting spray: A setting spray is key when packing for a vacation. Not only will it help your makeup last for much longer, it’ll also keep your makeup looking more fresh.
Makeup Remover: At the end of a long day, nothing feels as good as taking off all those layers of makeup. I love the Garnier Micellar Water- and always keep a mini bottle on hand!

That’s it! My guide on what makeup to pack when traveling. You can change around the options to suit your personal likes, but remember to pack as light as possible.

Happy Packing!



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