Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin | Beauty & Lifestyle

We’ve all heard just how great a good dose of Vitamin C can be for your skin, hair and overall health. But have you ever stopped to think why? I went ahead and did some research on the much-loved Vitamin and I thought I’d share my findings with you.
Collagen? Is that really you?
Let’s be honest, we could all do with some collagen in our lives. In case you didn’t know, collagen is a support protein that helps the skin maintain its form and healthy look. Ingesting Vitamin C is a great way to boost the synthesis of collagen- resulting in younger and healthier looking skin. 

Younger looking skin- duh!

Believe it or not, Vitamin C protects the skin against age-causing radicals meaning your skin will look more youthful than ever! Vitamin C is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines- YES!

Glow Girl, Glow!

Vitamin C is proven to improve the skin’s radiance and to give you a more healthy, and radiant look. Uhh, yes please!

Dry skin? Goodbye!

Let’s get down to real talk- everyone (and I mean everyone) hates dry skin. It’s just not cute. Luckily, Vitamin C is known to reduce the risks of dry and dehydrated skin.

I’m sure that right now, Vitamin C might just be your new best friend. (That’s okay, it’s my new best friend too).

Hope you enjoyed!

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