Delectable Saffron & Cardamon Cake | Lifestyle

“Nothing says home like the smell of baking.”

I’ve always considered myself to be a foodie. Maybe it’s because nothing beats the anticipation of seeing a cake rise. Maybe it’s because nothing gets me as excited as a smell coming from the kitchen. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been brought up in a family who truly appreciates good food.
I don’t consider myself a chef, nothing near that, in fact. I do, however, believe that I’m good enough in the kitchen to know my way around.

Rizwaana from RSR Creations (who I’m sure most of you already know) has been my favourite food blogger for the longest time. Seeing her dishes just makes me feel some type of way. She inspires me to really get out of my comfort zone. I first seen this recipe on her blog and I instantly wanted to recreate it.
I’m not the most adventurous of souls and so I didn’t want to play around with this recipe much.


•250g cake flour
•250 g castor sugar
•70g butter
•225 ml fresh cream
•1 tbsp. baking powder
•4 eggs
•½ tsp vanilla essence
•¼ – ½ tsp saffron
•1 tsp crushed/ground cardamom

•150g unsalted butter
•300g icing sugar
•3 tbsp. fresh cream
•2 tsp rose essence
•pink food color

1.preheat your oven to 180° on the bake setting
2.line your rectangular baking tray with wax paper then grease with butter or “spray and cook”
3.crush your saffron in a mortar and pestle, then add some of the cream to it. This way you can easily pour it out.
4.combine all the ingredients into your mixer and beat until well combined. Pour into your greased tray and tap the tray to even out the batter
5.bake for 20 minutes or until a knife comes out clean in the center.
6.Set the cake aside to cool and prepare your icing
7.For the icing, ensure that your butter is at room temperature.
8.Beat the butter until pale and fluffy, then add the rose essence.
9.Add the sifted icing sugar a little bit at a time
10.Then add the remaining fresh cream, according to your preference. at the same time add the food color to create the beautiful pale pink color.
11.Once the cake is completely cooled, ice it however you prefer and top with chopped pistachio nuts and edible roses.

*Please note that this recipe has been used from RSR Creations.




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