Beauty Review: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks | Beauty

“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick.”

A while ago, Huda Beauty released a collection of liquid matte lipsticks. I was a little hesitant to purchase them, since the price tag was a little hefty for my student budget. However, after some time, I couldn’t help but splurge on one. I purchased the shade Vixen, which I found to be a little dark for my liking. Whle on a recent vacation, I found myself venturing the aisles of a Sephora store. I came across the most adorable set- 4 mini Nude-toned Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks. After a few seconds of deliberation, I gave in to the urge and purchased the set.

Sephora describes these liquid matte lipsticks as “A highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick that dries matte with intense color pay-off and transfer-proof properties.”

The Huda Beauty lipsticks can be found at Sephora. They retail at about $20 each. I purchased the mini set for around R600.
These can also be purchased at Muse Beauty.


The Huda Beauty liquid mattes come packaged in a sleek semi-transparent glass tube with a chic black lid. The writing is sleek, yet minimilistic.


The lipstick comes with a standard doe-foot applicator- common with most liquid lipsticks. I personally enjoy applying my lipstick with the applicator provided- but feel free to use a lip brush. I would recommend using a lipliner underneath since it does help prevent your lipstick from leaking.

Initial Thoughts:
Upon inital application, the product is quite thin and runny. It applies extremely easily and all the colours I’ve tried thus far have applied with just one swipe. The product feels very lightweight on the lip and aside from the tiniest amount of stickiness, feels very comfortable. The product takes about 1 minute to dry.

Througout the day:

I applied the liquid matte at about 12 in the afternoon. I chose to use the shade Venus, which is a very light nude shade that matches my natural lip shade very closely. I did use a lipliner underneath to prevent smudging and leaking.
 By lunch,  I did notice that some lipstick did transfer onto my glass while drinking. A little of the lipstick in the inner centre of my lips did wipe off as well. However, since it was a nude shade, it wasn’t too noticeable.

As the day wore on, the lipstick faded towards the inner portion of my lip. Because this was a nude shade, I could get away with it but with darker shades I definitely would have to reapply quite often.

The lipstick is extremely comfortable to wear. From every other liquid lipstick I’ve tried, the Huda Beauty was the most comfortable. It didn’t leave my lips feeling dry or cracked which is a major plus for me. 

The colour selection in the range is quite beautiful and I doubt it would be a problem finding a lipstick to suit you. Huda Beauty also recently 4 mini sets which allows you to purchase 4 lipsticks in the same colour category. I personally think this is great since you can purchase what suits you at a good price. 

I have heard a complain or two in the past about the darker shades but unfortunately, I have yet to try a shade that gives me a problem. 

The only thing stopping me from purchasing more of these lipsticks is the price since paying $20 for a single lipstick is little expensive. 

Have you tried the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes? What are your thoughts?



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