Beauty Review: Yardley Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl | Beauty

“I am more productive when I’m wearing lipstick.”

Since this week is liquid lipstick week, I thought I’d mention this one by Yardley. I purchased it ages ago and for some reason, didn’t reach for it as much as I would have liked. I thought I’d retry it and give you my thoughts. Hope you enjoy!

“Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl 8ml delivers vivid, high definition colour for your lips with a super matte finish that lasts for up to 24 hours. Enriched with vitamin E to protect and care for lips.”

I purchased this product from a local Clicks store for R119,95.

The product comes in a thin yet sleek glass tube which allows you to see the colour of the product. A funky silver metallic lid completes the packaging.

The product comes with a doe-foot applicator- standard with most liquid lipsticks. I personally am comfortable using the applicator provided to apply the lipstick.

Throughout the day:

I applied the shade “Miss Mauve” and this is my thoughts:
The shade applied very easily although I did notice some smudging on the outer corners of my lips. I would recommend using a lipliner before to prevent this smudging andleaking.

The lipstick is extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike some liquid lipsticks, the Yardley Liquid Matte does not dry or crack my lips at all. I find that I do not have to apply a lip balm often when using this product.

The best part about this liquid lipstick is its lasting power. It claims to last for 24 hours- and even though I didn’t leave mine for that long, it still lasted a good 10 hours. With the other liquid lipsticks I tried, they tended to fade towards the centre of my lip, but this one by Yardley did not fade at all! I was extremely impressed by this.

For the amazing quality you get, one would expect the price tag to be hefty- but it isn’t. For just R120, you get one hell of an amazing liquid lipstick!

My one issue with this is that the colour range is quite small. Clicks has less than 10 shades of colours- which isn’t nearly enough! I wish that more colours would be added to the collection.

Overall, I adored the Yardley Liquid Matte and would recommend it to anyone.

I have one more liquid lipstick to review- look out for that!



3 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Yardley Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl | Beauty

    1. Not really! This one dries down in about 30 seconds-1 minute. I do find that it doesn’t dry 100% so it is can transfer a small amount. I however, don’t mind this as that little bit of wetness left behind ensures that my lips don’t get dry or dehydrated.


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