You think you’ve got to Over-line your lips


Draw on your eyebrows

To look beautiful.
You believe you need

Long eyelashes


Rosy cheeks 

To fit in. 
You want to cover up

Your scars

Your marks 

Your acne-

Because clear skin means beauty, right?
You paint a new face,

A new you,

“Who’d want to see a face like mines,” 

You say.
You starve yourself,

Eat less


You hide away,

By putting on a mask.

You pretend to be

Just like the rest.
Oh but,

How wrong you are!
For beauty isn’t the clearness of your skin.

Beauty isn’t in the colour of your eyes.

Beauty isn’t in the shade of your skin.

Beauty isn’t in your weight or your height.
True Beauty is in your smile when you think no one is looking.

It is in your scars that each tell a beautiful story of survival.

It is in the impact you have on everyone you encounter.

It is in the endurance you maintain, even when it seems impossible.

True beauty is pushing yourself to be better, every single day.

It’s crying- and realizing that it’s normal to.

It’s learning something new, at every chance you get.

True Beauty is in your heart, your soul.
You are PERFECT.

With all your scars

With all your stretch marks 

With all your pain.
You are UNIQUE.

With a vast history,

A story like no other.
You are PRECIOUS. 

A one-of-a-kind:

There’s no one just like you. 
Believe in the power 

That you possess.

And never doubt it.
You can do much more

Than just push mountains-

You can push the world, 

the galaxy-

As long as you believe.
You are beautiful.

Without anything artificial.

Without anything superficial.

You were born beautiful.

You will live beautiful. 

And you will die beautiful. 
-All my love 



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