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“There is always something to be grateful for.”

I was so fortunate to be sent some products from Beauty Bulletin and Neutrogena a few weeks ago. Neutrogena launched the Hydro Boost Range and sent out some proucts to test. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these products.

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Facial Wipes

: “Effortlessly and effectively cleanses- even removes waterproof masacara. Skin is left feeling refreshed, clean and supple. Suitable for sensitive skin. Contains hydration agents and Hyaluronic Acid for a moisture boost.”

: These retail for R99.95
Purchase: These can be purchased from Clicks, Dischem, Foschini and other pharmacies naionwide.

My Thoughts
: I have been using these wipes ceremoniously for the past few weeks and I’ve noticed a few things. The first thing, is that these smell amazing! They have a fresh smell, and can instantly refresh my mood (weird,I know). The second thing that I noticed was that these really do remove most of the makeup from my face. With just a few swipes, I can remove a lot of dirt and impurities. I would still recommend using a cleanser after to deep clean the skin. Another pro to this product is that it comes sealed in a convenient sized bag. It’s so easy to just throw in my bag, on hand for whenever I may need it. Another thing that really impressed me was the fact that it did not suck all the moisture out of my face like most other wipes do. Instead, my skin was left soft and smooth. My one problem is that for R99.95, you only get 25 wipes. That isn’t nearly enough to last me even one month. I find that paying almost R200 a month just on facial wipes is a little crazy. Overal, I definitely did enjoy the product and would repurchase it. However, because of the price tag, it isn’t going to be my new holy-grail.

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser

: “Innovative, lightweight gel activated by water. With a unique Barrier Care cleansing technology, it removes impurities, makeup and sebum excess while protecting the skin barrier. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. Intensely hydrates and locks in moisture. Leaves skin fresh, clear and supple. Suitable for sensitive skin.”

: This retails for R99.95
Purchase: This is available to purhase to purchase from Clicks, Dischem, Foschini and other pharmacies nationwide.

My thoughts
: Overall, I was really impressed with this product. For just R99.95, you get 200 ml of product. I’ve been using this quite often and it still looks quite full. One bottle should last quite a while. I’d be lying if I said I used this every night- there’s quite a few days I get too lazy to cleanse. However, when I do, I apply a pea sized amount to a wet face and then massage it in with my facial cleansing pad. I find that the facial pad really cleanses better and helps remove more dirt from my skin. I rally love how clean my skin feels after use. It’s almost as if I’ve just had a face treatment. I haven’t broken out at all with this product, which does tend to happen sometimes with new cleanser.

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

: “Leaves skin hydrated and supple, and restores its natural bounce. Innovative Hyaluronic Acid gel matrix, combines a lightweight gel texture and the intense hydrating power of a cream. Fragrace free. For dry-very dry skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.”

: This retails for R139.95
Purchase: This can be purchased from Clicks, Dischem, Foschini and other pharmacies nationwide.

My thoughts
: This was one of my favourite products to use just because it was so different. I haven’t used a gel moisturiser quite like this one before, but I must admit, I’ll definitely be trying one after! Because I don’t have very dry skin, I only apply this at night. I love how soft and radiant my skin looks when I wake up. It really does give the skin a bouncy feel- almost as if your skin healed overnight! I also tried using this as a makeup primer and I was quite impressed. Because of its gel-like texture, it gives the skin a tacky feeling which helps foundation stick to the better, thereby making your makeupp last longer. I find that the price is really affordable, since I use the tiniest amount. A little product goes a long way with this and in two weeks, I’m not even 1/4 way through the tub! I would definitely repurchase this, just to wake up with beautiful and healthy looking skin.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this range. I can understand why it has won 6 beauty awards in less than a year! I have yet to tru out the remainder of the range (which consists of a water gel and micellar water), but I have high hopes that they will perform as greatly as these.
Thank you to Neutrogena and Beauty Bulletin for selecting me to try out these products!

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All my love


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