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“Let makeup enhance your natural beauty.”

Most people think that being a beauty blogger means always looking amazing; flawless makeup, on-trend fashion and to-die for hair. While that may be true for others, it most definitely isn’t true for me. I’m a self-diagnosed sleep addict and my morning routine comprises of waking up as late as I possibly can, and then rushing to get done in time. I must admit that my everyday makeup routine is quite boring, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!
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Makeup Routine
I always start off with a moisturiser first since I cannot live without it. You can read my updated skincare routine to hear about it!

Primer: Regardless of whether I’m applying foundation or not, I love applying a primer just to smoothe out my skin and minimise the appearace of pores. My favourite is the Maybelline Baby Skin, since its so affordable and works great.

Under Eye Cream: Since I have the worst under eyes ever (like, EVER), I find this step to be quite important. I use the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

Colour Corrector: This step is compulsory for me since he darkness under my eyes is hideous. I use the LA Girl Pro Concealer in orange corrector. I blend this out with my beauty blender.

Foundation (rarely): I rarely have the time or energy to apply a full face of foundation so I skip this step a lot. The days I do feel like adding it in, I’ll use the Mac Face and Body foundation in C5. This is my absolute favourite in the world since it’s so lightweight, offers minimal coverage and looks very natural.

Concealer: I always apply a concealer to my under eye area. I love using the LA Girl Concealer in either Natural or Medium Beige. This, together with my colour corrector, really helps with the appearance of my under eyes.

Setting Powder: I set my under eye area and t-zone with the Wet n Wild Contour Palette in Dulce De Leche. The light shade in this palette helps set my under-eyes and prevents creasing. It also helps prevent oiliness in the T-zone.

Contour: I always have to have some type of contour since my cheeks are so flat and round. I love the Yardley Conceal Stck in Expresso. The dark shade contours really well and looks super natural when blended in.

Blush: Since I’v been loving a more natural look, I apply a cream blush. The Essence Blush Stick in 020 Bronze Babe is beautiful. It gives my cheeks some colour but also has a bit of shimmer tomake my skin look highlighted.

Lipstick: I think it should be illegal to leave the house without lipstick. My lipstick choice depends entirely on my mood and outfit so I tend to change this up a lot.

Mascara: I absolutely love mascara since it can really open up the eyes. I switch this up too, depending on what I’d like.

Eyes: I don’t always apply eyeshadow but when if I really want some extra glam, I’ll take some of UN by Colourpop and apply it with my finger to the lid. It creates a bit more dimension but still looks really cute.

And that’s pretty much it. My everyday makeup routine that takes under 10 minutes. It only requires 10 products and doesn’t leave the skin feeling heavy. It also looks really natural which I love.

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