Beauty Review: Mystique Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Beauty 

“Just wing it. Life. Eyeliner. Everything.” 

Mystique Beauty, one of South Africa’s hottest brands, has been releasing a ton of new products lately. I had my eye on the Shadow-Kissed Eyeshadow Palette since I first seen it last year. I finally got down to getting the palette. I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on this palette. Enjoy!


Nine insanely pigmented buttery smooth eyeshadow pans encased in a majestic iris casing that’s going to hit your top priority list. After months of teasing and deliberating, we have pieced together the Shadow Kissed Palette.”


The palette retails for R490. I personally find this a a tad bit expensive since you’re paying almost R55 per eyeshadow.


I must admit, I was a little bit disappointed with the packaging on this palette. The eyeshadows come in a cardboard box that doesn’t look or feel expensive. The cover is quite plain- and doesn’t have the name of the palette or the name of the company. The shade names are not listed in the palette which is also a huge let-down. 


One of the definite pluses to this palette is the great pigmentation of the palette. I was extremely surprised at how well the shades showed up, both when swatched and on my eye. I find that the colours apply better when applied with the finger- they are much more pigmented.

My thoughts: 

The palette does have absolutely beautiful shades. However, none of the shades are matte. For me, that’s a huge downfall since I cannot do an eye look with matte shades. 

The size of the palette is great. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in my bag and take with me. However, I would need to carry a second palette that has matte shades as well. 

You get 0.05 oz of product in each pan- which is a reasonable amount of product for the money you’re paying. 

Overall thoughts:

Overall, I would say the palette is average. The shades, although stunning, are not enough for a complete eye look (for me personally). The packaging is not something I would expect from Mystique Beauty since it looks quite cheap. The pigmentation of the shades are quite beautiful and look gorgeous on the eye. 

I have to say that I have mixed feelings with this product. I really hope Mystique Beauty can better the packaging and add a few Matte shades. 

Have you tried out this product? If you have, what are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Mystique Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Beauty 

  1. Wow!! The packaging is disappointing 😬 To be honest, the pretty packaging of some beauty products is half the reason why I buy them 😂

    Thanks for the honest review 💕


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