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A few days ago, I came home from uni to a huge package from the mailman. I was ecstatic- receiving mail is always fun, right?
Kiki Beauty had told me they were sending over some goodies and I was so overjoyed at all the amazing items they sent. Here are my thoughts.

About the brand:
Kiki Beauty is an upcoming South African store specialing in makeup, skincare and bodycare products. All products are Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Petrolatum Free and Cruelty free. They are also proudly South African!
Holly, the founder of Kiki Beauty is the one of the kindest people I’ve had the honour or working with. She goes to every length to ensure that your experience with Kiki is a great one.

Kiki Beauty products can be bought directly from their website which I will link below.

Kiki Beauty Face Primer

:”KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer is a product specially designed and formulated to improve make-up hold and transform your complexion from flat to fabulous. KiKi’s Face Primer, Step 2 of the Make-Up Ready process, is applied before foundation leaving you gorgeous and flawless for hours on end. If you don’t wear foundation, don’t worry, this innovative and versatile fragrance free primer used by itself provides a natural finished look. No more constant visits to the bathroom to freshly apply make-up. KiKi’s Face Primer works overtime to ensure make-up lasts longer. Wrinkles are smoothed, blemishes are minimised resulting in a healthy vibrant look and feel. This specialised product is easily spreadable and therefore glides easily over the face when applied. KiKi’s Face Primer can be dabbed on throughout the day, or even after exercise to soften, smooth and provide extra moisture to the skin.

Price: This product retails for R395.00

: I am in love with the packaging of this product! It looks and feels expensive which is great. It comes with a twist pump for application- which I think is really sophisticated. The all-black packaging is very sleek and modern, while still being minimilistic.

: This product can be applied before makeup to smoothen out the skin. It can also be worn by itself to give the skin a more smooth appearance.

My thoughts
: I absolutely love the packaging of this product. I also love the twist pump. It makes usage so easy and mess-free. It also ensures no wastage of product. I apply the primer underneath my foundation, after I’ve applied my face moisturiser. One of my major concerns with makeup is that my smile lines often show through- but with this primer, they didn’t at all which was incredible to me. The primer doesn’t feel too thick or heavy which is also a plus. It is quite moisturising and doesn’t dry out my skin like many primers do. I find that my makeup does in fact last longer with this primer- which is absolutely incredible.

Kiki Beauty Rose Dew Setting Spray

: “KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Rose Dew Setting Spray is a gorgeous, light and silky, rose and geranium enriched product which is sprayed over your make-up in order to set and hold it for longer periods of time. KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Rose Dew Setting Spray, Step 5 of the Make-Up Ready process, not only locks down your make-up, but spraying on this extra fine mist also gives you a reviving boost. Don’t let those dry days get you down. The Rose Dew Setting Spray can also act as a secret weapon to provide instant moisture and hydration. Just whip it out of your handbag, any time, any place, give yourself a quick spritz and immediately find a new, more radiant and moisturised you. This product is free of synthetic fragrance and suitable for both dry and oily skin types. It contains aromatic, natural rose geranium oil to uplift and stimulate the senses. No more sliding foundation, no more excessively shiny make-up, the Rose Dew Setting Spray works in conjunction with KiKi’s Face Primer to ensure maximum make-up setting and hold. Before foundation, after eyeshadow, to complete your Make-Up Ready look, the setting spray can be used at any time in your make-up routine. This rose geranium oil infused setting spray can be sprayed on throughout the day to reset make-up, to refresh and revive the senses and to provide a layer of moisture and protection. If you have used this ground-breaking product once, you will not be able to go a day without it.

Price: This product retails for R245.00

: Kiki really has got their packaging perfect! This gorgeous setting spray comes in a box very similar to that of Mac Fix+. The bottle itself is a pink metal spray canister, which is abolutely gorgeous! It’s one of those products I want to display right in the front of my makeup display. It also has a very minimal look, but is still very expensive looking.

: This product can be sprayed on before makeup as a primer,after makeup as a setting spray and throughout the day as a refresher. I have used it for all purposes and have loved it.

My thoughts
: One of absolute favourite things about this product is the scent! It smells exactly like roses! It is so feminine and floral- I just absolutely adore it. The smell is quite strong but not too overwheming which is truly amazing. I find that this product works very similar to my Mac Fix+. It helpes bind my makeup together and helps my makeup melt into my skin after application. I love using this on a hot day to spray my face. The smell, together with the added moisture, feels so refreshing. I have utterly and absolutely fell in love with this product and cannot stop using it!

Kiki Beauty Rose Wax Lip Balm

: “KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Rose Wax Lip Balm is a rich, buttery, rose infused lip balm to intensely hydrate those lovely lips and leave a radiant, dewy finish. The unique Rose Wax Lip Balm can be used as a primer (Step 2 of the Make-Up Ready process), and is applied beneath lipstick to hydrate the lips and provide a soft, smooth surface to allow for easy lipstick application and maximum hold. The specialised lip balm can also be used in Step 4 of the Make-Up Ready process, to perfect and finish. In this step the lip balm is applied over lipstick or over bare lips to complete the Make-Up Ready look with a gleaming, glossy effect. The Rose Wax Lip Balm forms a clear, glistening layer over the lips leaving them fully protected and soft and silky. The Make-Up Ready Rose Wax Lip Balm consists of a rich natural base of aromatic rose wax which helps to rejuvenate and invigorate the delicate skin of the lips. This completely effective lip balm provides instant relief for dry, chapped lips and can help to repair damaged skin. Used beneath lipstick, over lipstick or by itself, the versatile Rose Wax Lip Balm forms a long-lasting protective film which seals in moisture and helps to keep those lips luscious and full.

Price: This retails for R180.00

: Like all the other products, this packaging does not disappoint. The super cute pink tube is very fancy looking. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, and is perfet to carry around all day.

: I love applying this lip balm before I apply lipstick to moisturise my lips. I also love applying some to my lips before bed so that my lips are moisturised the next morning.

My thoughts
: I always complain about dry and cracked lips (probably because I over-use lipstick), so this product is perfect for me. The liquid lip balm is really thick and moisturising and provides my lips with a lot of hydration. The tube is small enough to take everywhere which is another plus. I also love the fact that it isn’t overly sticky- something that tends to be quite common with lip balms.

Overall, I am so impressed with these products. I am thrilled to see local South African store taking over the makeup game so strongly. I had high hopes for Kiki Beauty, but once i tried the products, they exceeded all those hopes. They are a little on the pricey side but I truly believe hat the quality of these products makes them so worth it. Ever since I tried out these products, I truly have been in love.
I would recommend all of you to visit their website and have a look at their products- you will not be disappointed! Plus, you’re supporting a local business!

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All my love


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