The A Cream by Mio | Beauty

“Treat your skin with respect. It’s there for life.”  

A few weeks back, Mio Skincare send me their A Cream to review. I was highly intrigued by this product and was really excited to try it out. It claimed to do amazing things for the skin and I needed to know if they worked. Carry on reading to hear my thoughts on this A Cream!


The A Cream has many claims so I’ll summarize them for you. It claims to fortify the skin for strength, resilience and a glow. It is said to deeply penetrate the skin, leaving it silky soft and strong. It also claims to work well as an after-sun care product. It lastly claims to form the skin and give it a bounce. 

Price and Purchase:

This retails for R715 and comes in a  150ml bottle. It can be purchased by visiting and finding a stockier near you.


This should be applied to the thigh and hip area using deep, upward strokes to boost circulation. It should ideally be applied to shower-damp skin.

My thoughts:

For the past few weeks, I have been applying this every morning after my shower to the thigh area. Here are my thoughts:

The product is easy to apply and only takes a few minutes. For me, this is ideal since I’m usually always in a rush.

The bottle has a very handy pump which makes it easy to use. There’s never any mess or wastage which is great.

I usually apply one pump per thigh- which I think is sufficient. Because I only apply such a small amount, the product lasts for ages.

The product doesn’t have an overwhelming scent which is something I personally prefer.

I do personally find this product quite expensive- especially since it isn’t yet a well known brand. It might be justifiable that the product lasts a long period of time and is beneficial, but I still would have liked it a tad bit more affordable.

I find that my skin is very hydrated and moisturised when I use this product which is always great. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. After a few weeks of use, I’ve also noticed a really nice glow in my skin which I’m loving. My skin has firmed up, although not by much. I might have to use it for a longer period of time before I fully see those results. 

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, the product is great. I love how my skin feels and looks. I am not entirely convinced that the price is suitable but that is a personal issue. 

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All my love 



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