Skin Republic Bubble Mask | Beauty 

“No matter how old you are, bubbles will always be fun” 

Skin Republic is well-known for producing amazing masks at great prices. I recently did a huge haul and purchased a ton of these to try out. I decided to try the Oxygenating Bubble Mask since it seemed really exciting and innovative. 

What is a bubble mask?
A bubble mask is an ingenious oxygenated mask that that begins to bubble and foam when exposed to the air. It dives deep into the skin’s pores to remove impurities. 

Price and Purchase:
I purchased this sheet mask for around R40 at a local Dischem store. These can also be find at selected Edgar’s outlets, pharmacies and online stores. 

To use the sheet mask, simply remove from the packaging and apply to the face. Allow to rest for 15-20 minutes before removing. 

My thoughts:
Let me start off by saying that I love pampering myself. Be it a sheet mask, a facial steam, a manicure or a massage- I’ll never say no. Naturally, the process of sheet masking would be an enjoyable one.

Personally, I love switching my lights off, putting on some scented candles and relaxing with a sheet mask- and that’s exactly what I did. After an insanely exhausting week at campus, it was nothing short of heavenly.

Since it was my first time using a bubble mask, I was interested and intrigued. Watching the bubbles form was strangely fun and satisfying. I now feel like everyone needs to try out a bubble mask- if just for the fascination. 

I did notice a scent that I didn’t really like when I just opened the packaging and I was really sceptical that it would be have that scent throughout. However, it disappeared almost immediately which was great. 

One of my favourite parts was seeing and hearing the bubbles form. It really is amusing and highly interesting.

I used the mask for about 20 minutes- until the mask was completely covered in bubbles. After the 20 minutes, it continued to fizz and bubble but I removed it. 

I was so shocked at the results. Sheet masks often claim to be miraculous but is isn’t often that one can actually see or feel the difference. With this one, my skin was visibly brighter and more radiant. My skin looked like I’d just applied half a botttle of strobe cream. The luminosity was incredible. My skin also felt really soft and smooth- even better than it does when I use my normal moisturiser. 

Overall, I was over the moon with this product. I really needed some down-time and this product gave me that. Plus, my skin feels and looks great! The affordability of the product is a significant pro since many sheet masks are overpriced these days. To top it all off, I could watch the bubbles form in sheer fascination. I would definitely use this product again!

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All my love



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