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A few days back, someone requested I do a post on who I am and what inspires my love for blogging. I realized than that I didn’t ever really tell you much about myself, and so 1 year into blogging, here are some hopefully-interesting-yet-possibly-boring facts about me! 

1. My life is really quite uneventful 

Despite me always posting pictures of me doing fun activities and going to cool places, that’s not really my life. I spend most Saturday nights curled up on the couch and I’m usually asleep by 10. Crazy, I know. 

2.  I thrive off trips to the shopping mall

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, shopping is my cardio. Literally. I wish I could say I have it under control, but I really doubt I do.

3. I’m actually only 20.

Yep, you read right. Most people think I’m way past my actual age. Maybe it’s my maturity. Or maybe it’s just my dark circles and skin wrinkles. Who knows.

4. I prefer reading over watching movies.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to reading a paper book. And I said paper. Not e-book.

5. I like piling up my plate. Both literally and figuratively.

I’m that girl that does one million things at a time and refuses to have it any other way. I choose to study, tutor, run a business and blog. Just because I want to.

6. I have a mad love for the kitchen.

Not only do I love being on the receiving end of a good meal, I also love preparing one. Baking and cooking just relax me. Idek.

7. I’m not social. At all.

You’d think being a blogger would mean I’m totally cool and sociable and get along with everyone. But no.  I’m shy and it takes me quite a while to open up my shell. 

8. I get along with kids better than adults.

I’m weird. I get it. But nothing compares to being around adorable kids.

9. I love presents and gifts 

Nothing in the world makes me happier than getting mail and gifts and surprises. I live for it. Honestly. I also love giving gifts and presents- which is why you should totally check out my Instagram for an amazing giveaway I’m hosting @StyleUnboxed

10. I started blogging as a stress reliever, and because I needed a change.

I’m studying a degree that requires hours of practical work, weekends at clinics and public holidays studying. Starting a blog was partly to give me something else to focus on other than the strains of a hectic degree. The other reason I started a blog was because I love writing (duh) and I love makeup and fashion. Joining them together was great.

So there. 10 facts about me that you probably didn’t know. 

Go ahead and click the follow button for updates. And follow my Instagram page to be entered into the giveaway. I know you want to.

All my love 



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