The Modest Wardrobe | Fashion

“Modesty isn’t about hiding your body. It’s about revealing your dignity.”

I’ve always been a lover of all things fashion. Dressing up is probably one of my favourite past times. And shopping is my ultimate hobby. At least most of the time. Modest fashion is very underrated in the society we live in. Which is the number 1 reason The Modest Wardrobe was established.

What is The Modest Wardrobe?

The Modest Wardrobe is the brainchild of Style Unboxed founder, Raeesa. Built on the foundation of modern yet modest fashion, The Modest Wardrobe aims to please the modern day woman. 

What makes it special?

Hours go into producing the perfect outfit. First, a design is drawn. Then, the perfect fabric is hand-picked to ensure only the best quality. Each item is hand-sewn with love so you’re getting only the best. All products are then carefully packaged into silk bags to ensure your order reaches you safely.


The Modest Wardrobe aims to satisfy the wants of all- so each product is sold at the lowest possible price. 

Delivery Options:

The Modest Wardrobe delivers country-wide in South Africa. Multiple pick-up locations are available in Gauteng for your convenience.


Payment is made via EFT.


To order, visit @TheModestWardrobe_ on Instagram and direct message your order or query.


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