Dry Skin and how to deal with it | Lifestyle

Winter is just around the corner and while that may mean hot chocolate and warm fires, it also means dry skin. Flakiness, unevenness and dehydration. Yikes. 

I’ve included in this blog post some tricks to help keep the dryness away PLUS a super special, free downloadable document with a list of products you can purchase and where to purchase them. It’s my pleasure.

1. Drown your skin in oil
Adding a good facial oil to your skincare routine can help tons with dry skin. I opt for applying this at night, so my skin has a few hours to really soak in the moisture. 

2. Look for products that promise hydration
Different skincare ranges are meant to target different problem areas. Investing in a good skincare range that’s meant to increase hydration will help prevent drying out the skin.

3. Drink tons of water
This may sound totally boring, but drinking the right amount of water every day is going to make a difference. Healthy skin needs H2O so make sure you’re always fueled up.

4. Never skip moisturiser
There’s times you can get away without applying a moisturiser. Winter is not one of those times. A good moisturiser will keep your skin soft and supple which is exactly what we want. Pro Tip: The thicker the moisturiser, the more hydrating it will be.

5. Moisturise while damp 
The best time to apply a moisturiser is just when you come out of a bath or shower. Because the skin is still full in moisture, applying a lotion will lock in the moisture and prevent dryness.
Good luck beating the dry skin blues!

Products you need for Dry Skin

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