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While it is great to invest in high end products, it’s not always affordable for many of us. I’ve compiled a list of products that are under R150 to help you start your makeup collection. These are great quality products that won’t break the bank and will keep you going until you can get higher end makeup items. Hope you love it!

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
I’m a really huge fan of this primer and I use it very often. It helps fill in my pores and smooth out my skin- which is exactly what I need. If you’re looking for a primer for oily skin, Essence makes a great oil free, mattifying Primer. 

2. Foundation
I believe in being totally honest with my followers so I’m going to say this. I’m a very, very fussy person with foundation. Probably more than I am with any other makeup product. The reason for that, is that I hate heavy, cakey looking makeup- which is something most foundations tend to be. I also hate makeup that shows my pores- which tends to be so so common. To do this day, I have yet to find an absolute holy grail foundation that is perfect for my needs. I find that Mac foundations are some of the best out there and they only retail for around R300 to R400. Since a regular drugstore foundation would cost around R200, I’d rather put in the extra and be really happy. On that note, I have just tried out the new PROfoundation La Girl just released and so far I’m loving it.  I’ve also heard great things about the Revlon Photoready foundation (which I have tried and do work great, but are a little too full coverage for my personal everyday makeup). 

3. LA Girl Pro Concealer
Millions of people around the world are obsessed with this product, and I’m one of them. These are so affordable and work wonders on covering and concealing my imperfections. There’s a gorgeous colour range (so no one gets left behind).

4. Setting Powder
I’m personally not a fan of setting my whole face since I prefer a very light, non-cakey look. I do set my under-eye area to prevent creasing as well as well as my T-zone since that’s where I tend to get oily. I’ve been enjoying using the Wet n Wild Contour kit for both contouring and setting my face (the lighter shade works great). Essence also sells a great translucent setting powder.

5. Essence Blush
I don’t have one particular blush that’s an all time favourite but most of my holy-grails are made by Essence. I find that the pigmentation is great, they’re easily accessible and the colour range is always good. 

6. NYX Matte Bronzer and Wet n Wild Contour Kit
I cannot go a day without this bronzer. It gives my skin the most gorgeous flush of colour without ever being chalky or muddy. A little goes a long way with this product too.
For more defined cheekbones, the contour kit by Wet n Wild is great since its cool-toned brown shade, perfect for sculpted cheekbones.

7. LA Girl or Wet n Wild Highlighter or Essence highlighting Palette
These are 2 relatively new highlighters and I’m really enjoying both of them. The LA girl is much more easily available, while the Wet n Wild is more affordable. Whichever you pick, you’re guaranteed to have a popping highlight.  The Essence Palette is also great. It contains 3 colours, to suit all skin complexions, and can be mixed together for an out of this world highlight. 

8. Eyeshadow
It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite eyeshadow, since different ones are great for different reasons. If you’re into eye makeup, I would really recommend looking at the Morphe Palettes since 35 shades cost just R550. There’s also a huge range to choose from. Essence makes amazing single shadows which retail for around R35 each. The Essence All about Nudes is a great everyday palette for just R90. Reckon and L’Oréal make great shadows too.

9. Essence Mascara
If you’re looking for a really affordable mascara that truly works, I recommend trying out The False Lashes Mascara by Essence. It’s one of my all time faves for the simple reason that it leaves my lashes looking 10 times longer and more voluminous than they actually are. And I’ve got thick, long lashes naturally!

10. Maybelline Eyeliner
I find Gel-liners really easy to work with, especially if you’re a beginner. This one by maybelline is not only quite affordable, it’s also a dupe for a popular Inglot liner. If you prefer using pen eyeliners, Essence makes a great 2 in 1 liner pen. 

11. Lipsticks and Lipliners
I know I mentioned a lot of Essence products already but I have to mention their lipliners. They retail for under R40 and on sale, they  can retail for less than R20. That’s a great bargain! It’s hard to recommend a good lipstick since again, different people have different preferences. If you’re looking for a good liquid lipstick, I’m a huge fan of the NYX liquid suede ones. If you’re looking for a matte finish, the NYX full throttle lipsticks or Yardley stayfast lipsticks are both great options under R150. If you prefer a more sheer finish, the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are gorgeous. Essence makes some great lipglosses. 

12. LA Girl Setting Spray
This setting Spray works great at keeping your makeup last for a good few hours. The bottle is quite small, but for the price it’s definitely worth it. 

If you’ve stuck around till now than thank you! As a gift, I’ve compiled a free downloadable checklist of all the products mentioned above as well as where you can find them. That way, you’ll know exactly what to pick on your next trip to the drugstore

Makeup Shopping Guide

All my love, Raeesa.


5 thoughts on “Starting a makeup collection with affordable makeup | Beauty

  1. I love u blog!!!
    U are so good and professional it’s incredibly that are u are only 20!!!

    I say hello from Colombia. 🙂


  2. This is such a great post! I wish someone could’ve helped me out with a post like this when I was a beginner! I’d like to add a few things to the list here, Drugstore products that I’ve tried out.
    Foundation: Essence Matte Mousse foundation is lightweight, on the face and on the pocket… Retails for about R80, I picked mine up from Clicks in Gateway.
    Concealer: Catrice Re-touch light reflecting concealer. Although it doesn’t offer very heavy coverage (which is what I was looking for). Catrice is also another amazingly priced Drugstore brand.
    Highlighter: Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm Cosmetics. Ok so this is about R370 from Stuttafords, obviously not a Drugstore highlighter but it’s honestly one of the best and it’ll last you forever. Great for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes as well.
    Setting Spray: I’m actually looking for one at the moment, and I currently have my eye on the Kiki Beauty SA spray which come in original, Rose Dew and Cool Citrus. R250 can get you a 100ml bottle of this. Me and Youth (previously Beauty Fix) also have 1 for R250 but it’s a 50ml bottle.
    Blush: I have a favourite which I use every day – Yardley blush in “Cedar Rose”. I think it costs around R90 but I bought mine ages ago so I may be wrong. Gives me a naturally flushed looking colour and lasts long. Another one which I quite like is the Avon illuminating pearls. It’s not actually a blush but works well as one. Also about R100 on special. I have tried one of the Essence blushes but I wasn’t too impressed with it… My brush wasn’t really picking it up well, but I do want to try the Matt one that you recommended here, it looks promising.
    The L.A. Girl blush palettes are also very good apparently, although I haven’t tried it out myself, I plan on purchasing one from Dischem soon. I think there are about 3 different Palettes so it should suit all skintones. There are 3 shades in each Palette and I think it retails for R100.
    Eyeliner: L.A. girl has the most amazing gel liner, and it only costs around R60. Lasts long and doesn’t smudge. Keen on trying the Maybelline one as well… Would love you to do a comparison and let us know which one you think is better.
    Lipliner: The Essence lipliners are quite amazing. I purchased one on sale for R26 from Dischem. Always look in the sale baskets… You pick up some really good deals there. I also love the Avon lipliners. I have almost all the colours and you can get them for about R60 each on sale.
    Primer: I’m using the Avon primer which I’m not too happy with, so I’m glad you suggested the Maybelline one, definitely gonna be purchasing this soon!
    Eyeshadows: I’m absolutely in love with my L.A. girl Nudes Palette which is a close dupe to the Naked 3 Palette. You can also get dupes of the Morphe palettes from Swiitch beauty, Dupe Factorie and Mystique Beauty. The latter is actually having a sale atm and the Palettes are on sale for only R280! I have the Slays for Days Palette from Swiitch Beauty which is the Morphe 35O dupe and it’s so pigmented! The Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette is also apparently a firm favourite of lots of people, so I plan on picking up one soon.
    Mascara: Essence clear mascara for everyday use, and I can swear by the Avon Megalash Mascara! It doesn’t come with the usual stick wand, it’s slightly different but it doesn’t clump at all and curls lashes so well. On special you can pick it up at around R80. You get a waterproof one as well although I haven’t tried it.
    Facepowder: I highly recommend the Yardley Translucent powders which I’ve been using for the past 6 years. I just apply over my moisturiser and foundation and it evens out my skin tone and takes away that ugly yellowish undertone that I have. You can get it from Dichem/Clicks and even Edgars for around R140. It lasts quite long as it is a big container.
    Lipsticks: Again, I’m gonna mention Avon. Although it’s a bit of a pain buying those as you can’t see the exact colour until you have it, or unless you decide to buy a tester 1St. I also quite like the Revlon lipsticks but of course those are a lot more pricey. I think L.A. Girl or Catrice have matte lippies which I tested out on my hand, they looked quite good although I didn’t buy them coz I already had too much of makeup in my trolley at that point lol.

    Thank you for the PDF! Will definitely be trying out some of the stuff you mentioned here ❤


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