The Rose Gold Eye Brush Set By Benazir | Beauty

Ever since I first seen the Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Brush Set, I wanted it. To call it beautiful, is an absolute understatement. Unfortunately, the set was too expensive for me to even consider buying and so I put it in the back of my mind. Until I saw an exact dupe from Beauty By Benazir. It’s really the most beautiful eye brush set, ever. 

Who is Beauty by Benazir?
Benazir is one of South Africa’s most amazing makeup artists (in my opinion at least). Her work is absolutely breathtaking. Being a doctor and scientist helped this talented makeup artist create her own beauty line. From lashes, to brushes, Benazir has some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

About the set:
Benazir advertised these brushes on her snapchat page [Benazir Akbar], I immediately messaged her to keep a set aside for me. Being the amazing person that she is, she kept me a set. This stunning Eye Brush Set comes with 12 brushes, all designed to give you the ultimate eye look. The best part about these brushes, is that they retail for only R480. Insane, right? Even though I don’t own the Zoeva set, the brushes in Benazir’s set look almost identical and the quality is great! [The picture below is of Benazir’s brushes- see for yourself how similar they are to the Zoeva set],

My thoughts:

The crease brushes in this set are absolutely amazing. They blend out Eyeshadow perfectly. The brishcomes with an assortment of brush sizes, so they can each be used to blend perfectly. There’s also an eyeliner brush which is great for applying gel liner. The set contains some great flat top brushes to pack on pigment to the lid, as well as small pencil brush great for getting those small details perfect.

If you’re a lover of makeup and makeup brushes, then you need this set in your life. Not only is it incredible affordable, it’s also absolutely beautiful. It’s also great if you’re new to makeup and want a brush set that has everything you need. If you’d prefer a set with some face brushes, Beauty By Benazir has some gorgeous sets that include both face and eye brushes. I would really recommend visiting her page on Instagram @beautybybenazir and having a look. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

All my love, Raeesa


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