Facial Sprays and What you need to know about them | Beauty

Facial sprays have been taking over the makeup and beauty industry over the past few months. Almost every beauty brand seems to be launching theirs. I’ve purchased a few over time, and over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourites.

To start with, we’ll be looking at refreshing sprays. These are sprays that can be applied throughout the day to keep your face looking refreshed. They can usually be applied after makeup to help blend your makeup together. I’ll also discuss some primer sprays that are meant to be sprayed on the face before makeup applications 

1. Mac Fix+
Retailing at R300 for 100ml of product, this popular facial spray has become a worldwide staple. Makeup artists swear by it and bloggers rave about it. But is it really worth it?

As a primer, the Fix+ does have its perks. It aids in hydrating the skin, which is especially great in the colder months. It also helps cool down the skin, which is great in the warmer months. Beyond that, Mac Fix+ does little in terms of priming the skin. It doesn’t offer much helps with pores, smoothing out the skin or colour correcting- which is what a primer would usually do.

Mac Fix+ works amazingly in terms of giving the skin an airbrushed look. Applying it over makeup can help the products melt together and make your makeup application look more professional. 

Mac Fix+ does help makeup stay on the skin, but not for long periods of time. Proper settings sprays- like the ones from Urban Decay, NYX and LA Girl- help the makeup stay on for almost double the time.

Mac Fix+ does work as a refresher if it’s sprayed on the face at intervals during the day. However, I don’t find it to be the most cooling and refreshing spray I own. 

One use I do love with the Mac Fix+ is that it can be sprayed on one’s brush before applying shadows and highlighters to really intensify the pigmentation. 

Overall, it’s a great product. It’s really worth the money and you do get a lot of product that lasts a while. It works amazingly with removing cakiness and does wonders with melting makeup together. 

At the moment, Mac is selling some Limited Edition mini Fix+ sprays in a variety of flavours such as rose and coconut.

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
The name of this product does suggest that it’s a primer, but it too, works as a refresher and partial setting spray.

As a primer, the Smashbox Primer water works great for adding hydration. It can cool down the skin-which can sometimes aid with redness. Beyond that, this Primer water doesn’t do much else. I personally love using it in conjunction with other primers- so that I can tackle problems like pores and add some moisture to my skin.

As a Setting Spray, the Smashbox Primer Water works somewhat decently. It doesn’t give you insane long-lasting abilities like a traditional Setting Spray, but compared to the Fix+, it works slightly better. 

While this can be used as refresher during the day, I rarely use it for that purpose. In winter, when I really want added hydration, I’ll spritz some of this on my face.

The Smashbox primer water retails at R430 for 116ml so it is more expensive than the Mac Fix+. I do however, find it more hydrating so if dry skin is an issue, this is a product I seriously recommend. 

3. Love and Leaves Skin and Hair Spray
Love and Leaves is an Internationally-based beauty and skincare company. At the moment, they are not available in South Africa and must be ordered online. This was sent to me in a PR Package.

The Love and Leaves Spray claims to “give a very light hydration and add a subtle citrus scent to hair & skin that creates an aroma of all over happiness that lasts just enough time for you to feel like you again, amazing of course.”

It contains some powerful ingredients such as purified water, citric acid, aloe water, Lavender oil, vegetable gum, beet root and orange oil. It works on all skin types.

One of my favourite uses for this spray is moisturising my skin. I’ve really been enjoying spraying it on my face every morning after I’ve applied a moisturiser, just to prevent the dreaded dry skin that comes with winter. 

As a primer and Setting Spray, this product doesn’t do anything at all. But since it doesn’t claim to prime or set the skin, that’s okay. 

The Love and Leaves Spray is extremely lightweight. I always find that most sprays leave behind a wet looking residue that takes a few minutes to be absorbed. This one, one the other hand, is almost instantly absorbed. It’s also the most light feeling Spray I’ve tried- it really  feels like nothing.

On hot days, I love applying this throughout the day to increase the moisture in my skin. It refreshes my skin without destroying my makeup of the day. 

There you have it! The first edition in my facial spray series. Look out for the next blog post later this week which will look at setting sprays!

All my love, Raeesa


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