Facial Sprays and What you need to know about them [2] | Beauty

In the previous blog post, I explained what refresher sprays and primer sprays are. I also reviewed a few popular sprays that I own.

Today, I’ll be talking about setting sprays. These are used after makeup application and serve to increase the longevity of your makeup. 

1. LA Girl Setting Spray
This popular setting spray retails for R89,95 for a 30ml product. While this may seem quite affordable, you don’t get much product- it’s only a third of what you’d typically get in a Mac Fix+ spray. However, it is worth it if you aren’t someone who uses setting sprays on a daily basis and only needs it for special occasions.

In terms of holding your makeup for longer, this product is great. A few spritz’s to the face after you apply your makeup will keep it in place for hours. I’ve used this product countless times, and it’s never let me down. 

2. Kiki Beauty Setting Sprays

Kiki Beauty, as most of you now know, is a popular South African makeup and skincare brand. They have an entire makeup range, which also happens to contains 3 setting sprays. The setting sprays all have a similar formula, but the scents set them apart. The first is the regular setting speay, the second a rose dew setting spray and the third a cool citrus setting spray. 

The Kiki setting sprays claims: “No more sliding foundation, no more excessively shiny make-up, the Make-Up Ready Setting Spray works in conjunction with KiKi’s Face Primer to ensure maximum make-up setting and hold. Before foundation, after eyeshadow, to complete your Make-Up Ready look, the setting spray can be used at any time in your make-up routine. It can be sprayed on throughout the day to reset make-up, to refresh and revive the senses and to provide a layer of moisture and protection. If you have used this ground-breaking product once, you will not be able to go a day without it. ”

These retail for R230 and come packaged in sleek 100ml spray-bottles. Each bottle has a different finish- ranging from matte black to metallic pink and orange. This helps identifying the different scents easier.

I adore the spritzer on the Kiki setting sprays- the product is dispersed lightly, while still reaching the whole face.

In terms of setting the makeup, the Kiki sprays are amazing. My makeup lasts for hours on end and I barely have to touch up. I also love how matte my skin is at the end of the day.

I rarely use this as a refresher spray since I do find it a tad bit too heavy to offer any real refreshment to my skin. 

My favourite from the collection has to be the Rose Dew Setting Spray- just because it has the most amazing scent. It smells so floral, while not being overwhelming- and it’s a real pick-me-up in the morning. 

There you have it! 2 setting sprays I swear by! There are a few setting sprays I would like to still add to my collection- like the Nyx ones- but I have yet to purchase them.

All my love, Raeesa


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